Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Great Quotes and Words to Live By

Lately, I've been pinning great quotes and words to live by on Pinterest.  Sometimes, the perfect quote just says it all.  Here are some of my faves...some serious, some not to serious. Read all the way to the bottom because winners of yesterday's giveaway are announced!  Happy Hump Day!

To see my other favorite quotes from Pinterest, click here and you'll see my board.

For dinner Grilled Shrimp and Bacon Salad...

...hello yummy.

The winners of the Raising a Princess book giveaway are...

Shirley (email address has the numbers 1215 in it)
Rachel Dunn-Rankin
Carol Marshall

Congratulations ladies!!  I have emailed all three of you about receiving your prize!  Please email me back within 5 days to receive your book.

And one last thing...I am in love with Sheaffer's Closet Confessions posts and today, she's featuring Andrea...and you guys...her closet is so much fun!  You MUST see it!  It makes me nervous because my closet is next...yikes!  Click here to see Andrea's.

Have a great Wednesday!!



  1. Loving everyone of those quotes :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julia Child is soooooooo smart. And by her standards, I'm definitely one of the best people around. And I love the best friends quote about making your friend's problem your own. I think our friends totally do this! We're so lucky!
    I'd talk about more of the quotes, but I have to go check out the grilled shrimp salad. It looks amazing. Putting shrimp on the grocery list right now.

  3. Those quotes were great, but once I saw that shrimp and bacon's all I can think about!!!

  4. When I saw the "learn to say NO" quote floating around on Pinterest I instantly thought of you and your fantastic post on it! But for now I am saying "yes" to your bacon shrimp salad recipe... Yummmm

  5. LOVE that Julia Child quote!!! And the one about closing the book vs turning the page. SO GOOD!!! And my closet wants to be your closet when it grows up :) Can't wait to see it!!! (and come play in it... because you know I'm going to come hang out in there, right???) hahaha

  6. Shay, how do you cook your turkey bacon? Mine never looks that crispy. I usually bake it in the oven.

  7. I cook it in the skillet with a spray of Pam for a few minutes. It's always crispy and lean!


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