Saturday, February 15, 2014

A little Saturday love...

I don't normally post on Saturday...but ladies...they have restocked the fringe scarf!  Hurry!  The last time I told you this (back in December), it sold out within a few hours.  

I also found some other cute scarves on sale (because that's what I do on Saturday mornings...I look for cheap scarves online...):

This scarf is 40% off and comes in two other fun colors.

This scarf is now under $15 and comes in two other colors.

And this light weight linen scarf comes in 20 colors!  That's right, 20.  This is the kind of scarf you'll wear Spring through Fall.

Don't forget, it's also shoe clearance time at Nordstrom.  Some shoes are 40% off and many are just flat out reduced.  And the best part...these aren't all winter shoes.  Many spring styles are on sale too.

Click here to see all of the women's shoes on sale and click here for the kids' shoes.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Just made my first Nordstrom shoe purchase!

  2. I can't tell you how much I LOVE that fringe scarf. I got it in teal after I saw you wearing it in a picture, and now I wear it ALL the time!!!

  3. Man...I tried ordering the red fringe scarf from my phone and it wouldn't work...tried again on my actual computer a few hours later and it was sold

  4. Just purchased your (and Sheaffer's) favorite wedge sandals-Callisto 'Tiara'! Going to pick them up today, since I'm heading to Florida in a couple of days. :)

    Kathy Lang

  5. Love a fringe scarf :) Thanks for sharing !!! =I love a great bargain!


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