Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fifty Two Shades of Shay: Scarves

Today's shade is one of my very favorites...scarves.

I love, love, love wearing scarves.  To me, they are the perfect accessory.  They instantly boost whatever you're wearing, they add a layer, they add color and texture, they take the place of a necklace, they are effortless...I'm madly in love with scarves.

Now, don't worry!  If you don't know how to tie a scarf, I'll cover that.  If you don't like things tight around your neck, I'll give you options.  If you don't want to get hot, I'll show you light scarves.  If you want to stay warm, I'll show you warm scarves.  I will show you ladies!

Look at how scarves made these outfits...
...not one of these ladies is wearing anything fancy.  Nope.  Basic jeans and tees but with their scarf thrown over it, it looks extra cool, extra luxe and way more interesting.  

It just makes it look like they got dressed instead of just wearing basic jeans and a tee.

First, let's talk about scarves I love for fall and winter and then we'll move on to lighter scarves and I'll give you some tutorials for how to tie them.

I took my basic striped Banana Republic tee the other day and added my new 5 favorite scarves with it.  See how a basic tee gets so much life when it's paired with a fun scarf?!

Here is how I buy scarves...I like them light and airy with lots of volume for year around wear or I like them heavy and knit.  I don't like small, thin, flat scarves.  If they don't give me volume, they're just in the way. 

 First up, the 5 scarves I just showed you...

Now, I need to give all of the credit to those two fringe scarves to Sheaffer.  She called and told me about these scarves and then I saw them on her blog...and immediately fell in love!  She couldn't have said it better...this scarf just styles itself.  Period.  You throw it on (it's an infinity, so it's easy to put on) and it instantly looks styled without you having to fuss with it one bit.  Sheaffer ALWAYS knows what she's talking about which is why I listen to her about all things fashion related.  Right this second, click here to follow her on Face Book because trust me, you'll be so glad you did!  You also need to click here to follow her blog.  Sheaffer will not only make you laugh, she'll totally reinvent your closet and open your eyes to so many great styles.  This scarf also comes in 3 other colors.

This scarf made me squeal in the store.  I literally squealed.  They're these cozy infinity scarves that have just a hint of sparkle to them.  PERFECT for Christmas and the holidays (or any day when you need a little sparkle!).  I really had a hard time deciding on which color I wanted.  They were all so festive and fun (plus warm and cozy!).  The white one looked like snow, the black one looked like something fun to wear in the evening, the light pink and grey ones looked like winter...such tough decisions!  I ended up with the brown scarf because I thought for my wardrobe, it would carry me from September through March.  Love this scarf!  And it doesn't need to be styled, it just slips right over your head and it's done.  No wrapping...no twisting...done.

To see the rainbow colored scarf, click here.  Plus, you'll find it in 3 other color combos as well.

And for my fun floral scarf (perfect for all seasons!), click here.

My favorite Infinity Scarves for fall and winter
The easiest scarf to style is the Infinity Scarf.  You just wrap it around twice and you're done.  No loose ends, nothing complicated...simple.  Here are a few infinity scarves that I'm in love with this season (and considering that my birthday is Friday, I'm hoping my mom is taking notes right now!).

 I wore this one a lot in NYC and you girls emailed me like crazy about it...well, it's back in stock now!  And only $18!  See...

And here are some more infinity scarves...

Simple, cozy, $22, and comes in 5 other beautiful colors.

If you can't afford a cashmere sweater, a cashmere scarf will give you the same feel.  And this one also comes in 4 other polka dot colors too.

Can't afford a cashmere scarf?  This polka dot option isn't cashmere but it's half the price.  Everyone deserves a little polka dot in their life!

And wow!  Your basic tee just got a whole lot more interesting!  This scarf also comes in 2 other colors.

For lots of other infinity scarf choices, click here.  (Because I could go on for days about my love of the infinity scarf!)  And there is no styling to an infinity scarf, you wrap it over your neck once or twice (depending on how long it is) and you're done.

My favorite scarves for year around (light and airy!)
Light and airy scarves are the perfect thing to throw over any outfit.  Seriously!  Winter, spring, summer or fall, a light and airy scarf is better than a necklace for your accessory.  Just look...

It just adds a little oomph to their look.  An extra something special.

I went back to that same basic Banana Republic striped tee but this time, I added some light (non-infinity) scarves to it.

I've told you multiple times about both of these scarves!  The plaid one is just perfection for fall and winter...and it's LIGHT!  You won't get hot in it but you'll look totally season appropriate (plus it comes in 3 other color combos).

And then the navy and leopard...my heart sores for this one.  They are sold out of the navy but it also comes in 4 other colors that will make you happy.  Click here to see them all.

Did you see how I tied them?  I didn't tie them exactly, I draped them.  If I'm not wearing an infinity scarf, then this is how I wear it...you take your oblong scarf and hold it out in front of you with it in a straight line, then you put the ends over your back and then wrap it around back to the front.

Here are a few more light and airy scarves I love right now...

I wear this one all the time!  And it's only $18!

This Ink Blot Scarf is just cool.  It also comes in 3 other colors.

This scarf is great because the colors aren't too bold.


I repeat...start with the scarf in front of your body, put the ends behind you, and then pull the ends to the opposite sides to bring them front.  Then just pull the front part away from your neck and it's draped.

I love this little Nordstrom video about different ways to tie a scarf.  It will give you some great ideas!

And I couldn't end today's post without a little montage of my beloved scarves...
...you see, it truly is a Shade of Me :).  It's an easy, fast, colorful way to jazz up any old outfit.  I truly am a scarf girl :).

And don't forget...scarves are the perfect gift to give this holiday season.  No matter the age or the shape of the girl, a scarf will fit.  They are perfect gifts to give friends, moms, daughters, grandmothers, nieces, babysitters, teachers...pretty much any lady in your life.

Wear a scarf today and think of me!  (And I updated Shop My Closet with scarves too!)

And take a look at this beauty...

...my Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies are on my foodie blog today.

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  1. Okay. I have so many things to say. First of all, you should charge people for your scarf class. Not even kidding. "Shay's SCARF MASTER CLASS" is worth money. You know what you are talking about and are an EXPERT with lots of knowledge to share on the subject. And you know it was YOU that finally convinced me to wear a scarf just a little over a year ago! And now I have over 20! Next, I LOVE how your post had so many pictures, and I love how you showed the same basic t with so many different scarves. So cool to see how scarves can completely transform an outfit. People really do need to LISTEN TO YOU about this very important topic! People. If you've never been a scarf person, go out on a limb and try one! There's a very good chance that they will become your favorite new accessory too!
    Love you friend! So sweet of you to send people my way.
    me :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing how to wear/tie a scarf :) I've only worn mine one way forever and so now I'm so excited to try the other ways you've shared :) Thanks and I love stopping by your blog !

  3. I'm wearing the fringe scarf today and it's my new favorite. Honestly, everyone should get one! Love your post today..

  4. Great post!!! So many scarves...so little time!!! I have to go shopping!!! :-)

  5. This is great! After I read Sheaffer's 101 guide to Leggings I was going to suggest a scarf post. I need all the help I can get with that and this was the perfect post. Thank you again for all the great ideas!

  6. I love learning new ways to tie scarves! My collection is out of control right now and I'm SO happy it's finally scarf season.

  7. Just ordered 3 scarves and had to hold myself back from ordering even more... you should get some Nordstrom commission!

  8. Hi Shay, Question.. In the fringe scarf, are you wearing the taupe or the dusty pink one? Thanks :)

  9. So i just bought the Rainbow Scarf, the Perfect Christmas Scarf & the Leopard/Green Scarf. Thanks for the suggestions and links! I also already have the Taupe Fringed Scarf that Shaeffer recommended recently, and the Plaid Scarf that is in your October Closet. The Plaid Scarf actually made the cut for our family photos a couple weeks ago.....which means it will be immortalized on our Christmas card this year. :) Thanks for feeding my scarf addiction!!

  10. I love the rainbow infinity scarf that you posted today and the other day, too! I checked it out online and it said it's dry clean only. Would you actually dry clean it? I feel like I don't need to wash my scarves often, but I feel like Murphy's Law would prevail and the one scarf that needs special washing would be the one that would get dirty the first time I wore it :)

  11. Love this :) I totally keep you in mind when I'm shopping for my scarves! I bought the plaid scarf from Nordstrom--and you have inspired me to mix and match patterns--stripes with plaid...heck the other day I had a polka dot shirt on with the plaid scarf...I felt very pinterest-y! Thanks for sharing your tips..I am definitely a scarf girl...I wear them just about every day in the fall/winter! You are right--it's easy..no necklace needed!

  12. So, you totally helped me out today! I came into work this morning wearing pink and I was told tomorrow is "pink day" and I had no idea what I was going to wear! Needless to say, after reading your blog it reminded me that I have a pink scarf I can wear! So...thank you! :)
    Not to mention, thanks for the tip on how to wear a scarf! I tend to go to infinity scarves because I never quite know how to place my other scarves just right!!

  13. I have a love for scaves too!!! I have about 70 (not kidding). My friends tease me all the time about how many I have. But when they need the perfect scarf guess who they call? ME!!! I enjoy reading your blog daily and you have the sweetest family.

  14. Hi Shay! Love your scarf post! I have been wearing mine constantly lately with the colder weather moving in! Could you tell me where you found your black and white houndstooth scarf? I LOVE that one! Thanks!

  15. i love scarves too!! can't wait for the weather to cool down enough to wear my knit ones! would you mind relinking the floral infinity scarf? I love it but the link takes me to a different scarf! thank you for blogging and sharing so many great tips!

  16. Love those fringe scarves! I'm definitely going to have to get one. The problem is picking a color! I also really love the pink leopard scarf. Speaking of pink leopard...I had my 4 month old daughter in black and white leopard with pink accents yesterday and someone thought she was a boy and went on and on about how handsome "he" was. Really? A boy with pink leopard? Not in my world.

  17. Love those fringe scarves! I'm definitely going to have to get one. The problem is picking a color! I also really love the pink leopard scarf. Speaking of pink leopard...I had my 4 month old daughter in black and white leopard with pink accents yesterday and someone thought she was a boy and went on and on about how handsome "he" was. Really? A boy with pink leopard? Not in my world.

  18. I love all the scarves you featured in your post today! I actually blogged about the scarf exchange I held over the weekend today ~~ of course thanks you for blogging about it and giving me the idea :) I love wearing scarves and can't wait pick up some more! So much better than necklaces in my opinion! Thanks again Shay!

  19. I really do love scarves. They totally change an outfit. I have the leopard and navy one you have, but in green and it is fabulous. These are all such great options, thanks for highlighting so many!

  20. I need that fringe scarf-love the way it looks! And I love this other little video that shows 25 ways to tie a scarf (her first way is your way!).


  21. In the fringe scarf, I am wearing the taupe one!

  22. I NEED that khaki/tan fringe scarf. I NEED it!!

  23. Oh how I love this post as I am obsessed with scarves...they are THE perfect accessory in my opinion! I NEED that fringe scarf like yesterday and am going to order it now and for some reason when I click on the link for the floral scarf it takes me to the fringe stripe scarf? Can you tell me where you got the floral scarf as I NEED that one too?!! Thanks!!!

  24. Love all these scarves. You've inspired me to take the plunge and pick up a few bolder print ones. Speaking of Christmas gifts...any chance you'll be doing a post about how you attack shopping? I'm working on my lists today...

  25. I love all the visuals with this post. I would also love a peek at your scarf collection, Shay! Do you have a running tally of how many you own? I think scarves are a great accessory but definitely need to boost my sad 3 scarf collection. Thanks for the suggestions!

  26. Thank you for sharing your scarf tips! I was trying to see more about the pretty floral scarf but the links right below it take me to the Fuzzy Stripe Infinity scarf instead. Do you mind updating the link or posting it here in the comments? Thanks so much! :)

  27. Cute post! I'm obsessed with scarves - I probably have more than I should admit! Great to see your favs!


  28. just ordered the maroon fringe scarf!! can NOT wait! thank you! :)

  29. I agree completely with Sheaffer's comment above! You should totally charge a class on scarves! I LOVE your options, especially the infinity ones. My favorite scarves also have a lot of volume. What's the point of a lifeless, limp scarf? That's what necklaces are for!

  30. I just bought a new striped shirt from GAP and a cute new scarf to go with it today. I loved the striped shirt/scarf combo! Thanks for the idea! We are planning a move to McKinney in the next few months! I love getting a heads up on what the fashion and weather are like there by reading your blog! :)

  31. Hey Shay...you don't have to publish this as a comment, I just wanted to share it with you since you guys are hardcore Redsox fans!! :)

    I LOVE all of the scarves you showed today! :) You would also love these 'tshirt scarves'. I first found them on Pinterest and they are perfect for any girl who loves sports, or just wants to support their husbands/boyfriends team!

    Here is a link to my site "T-shirt Tales''

    or you can find them on Pinterest at

  32. Shay, this post totally just spoke to my heart! I also am a huge fan of adding a scarf to every outfit. Seriously, I have to limit myself to only wearing them like 4 days a week. My husband teases me every time I bring a new one home, but seriously, they're the perfect accessory! :)

  33. Okay love all the scarves..but one question..how do you store all of them? Do you have a scarf holder? Very curious..thanks!

  34. I will totally think of you every time I put on a scarf this season!! Great post! Lots of cute ones!

  35. Went to Nordstrom today and bought THREE infinity scarves! (one of which is the fringed scarf -- sooo soft and cozy!) Great post. :)

  36. I'm totally loving scarves as well! Slowly adding more and more to my wardrobe!! Thanks for the ideas!!

  37. I seem to have trouble figuring out what to wear WITH the scarf. I know people say they go with anything, but when I look at my closet, I just don't see it. Have a couple stand bys, but have some scarves I never wear because I don't know what to pair them with! Any tips?

  38. I seem to have trouble figuring out what to wear WITH the scarf. I know people say they go with anything, but when I look at my closet, I just don't see it. Have a couple stand bys, but have some scarves I never wear because I don't know what to pair them with! Any tips?

  39. okay...so I bought my first infinity scarf this year and I'm in love!! (like really in love!!) And all of your scarf cuteness encouraged me to start wearing more of them last year and I'm so glad! Going to check out some of the infinity's you linked to now!!

    oh and....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  40. Love your blog and all your tips! I've spent a lot of money recently because of you :) I have a question for you and sorry of it's already been asked, but how do you store all of these scarves? Folded in a drawer? Hanging? I'd love to know because I don't feel like I've got a very good system and now I'm adding more to my collection!! ~gina

  41. I pretty much wear a scarf almost everyday in the fall/winter. Haven't been able to wear one in the summer yet. You can pull it off...not sure if I could. Love all the scarves you posted. Think I need to do some shopping :)

  42. We are totally scarf twins...I have too many for sure, but love them so much! The rest of me might be sweating, but if my scarf makes my outfit cute, it's not coming off!!

  43. Hi Shay! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I love it and you! Your recipes are great and I appreciate all your fun tips about everything from style to what books to read. I also appreciate that I have found tons of other blogs that I adore by checking out people that you link up with! Basically I was just compiling my birthday list and pretty much every single thing on there is from your blog or Sheaffer's! :) Thanks so much! :)

  44. I absolutely need one of the fringe scarves....my dilemma is which color to order? Do you like your taupe or teal one better?

  45. I love them both! But the taupe would probably go with more items in your closet!

  46. Hoping you do another closet post. A lot of these are sold out! Most of the scarfs are. :( Love your blog!!! I've bought many of your things!!!

  47. Would you please consider a follow up post on this with your suggestions for "must have" patterns, Colorado of scarves...I just started wearing the scarves and I often get overwhelmed by all the pretty options...thanks in advance!!!!!

  48. I love scarfs so much I made my own infinty ones they are great for fall winter. I would love to help out all my fellower scarvers and customize an order for each of u if I can visit etsy.com/shop/CozyScarves4u


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