Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Fun!

We had such a fun Memorial Day weekend...and I forgot to take a lot of pictures!  I just hate when that happens.  It usually happens because we're having so much fun that I'm not thinking about documenting it.  Here's a recap...

1. On Friday, the 4 Shulls headed out for Mexican food (because that just makes sense on a Friday night), and then we went and bought the kids their first tennis rackets (because they're going to start tennis lessons this summer...we'll see how that goes...).  It was a fun and relaxing Friday night.

2. On Saturday, my parents came over and we furniture shopped for the new house.  Then we had breakfast for dinner...which is my favorite thing to do!

3. On Sunday after church, we headed to my parents' annual Memorial Day party.  I should have taken a gazillion photos (because it was so much fun!) but I totally forgot until I saw this at dinner...

...Smith sound asleep at the table.  I grabbed my camera and took a few photos.

A few years ago, we started a tradition where the Slaughter family joins us each year.  We always have so much fun!  Kensington and Ebby Lee swam their little hearts out!

Nixon was a jumping and swimming fool too!

Sweet Bowen and Erika!

 Paisley and me (she's not technically my niece...her dad is my cousin, but I call her one.  I love this girl!)

Smith woke up from the table...ate a few chips and then fell asleep again... but this time, on Papa Jay.  He swam hard and was exhausted!

On Monday, we tried swimming again but it was really overcast and kind of cool.  The kids napped during the day and we grilled steaks for dinner.  This week, we have swim lessons every day and are soaking up our first official week of summer.

If you missed Fifty Two Shades of Shay was on wedges!!  Woohoo!  Click here to get the scoop on my favorite footwear.

And this month, our Pin-spired Linky Party will be this Friday, May 31st!!  Get ready to link up!

And today in my of my very favorite lunch ideas!  Click here to check it out.

Happy Summer!


  1. Love the Memorial Day memories! I hate it when I forget to take pictures too, but I must admit that it's so much more fun to experience life when you're not behind the camera. :)

  2. I'm totally like Smith. If I am tired enough, I can fall asleep in the middle of a party! Just ask Chris!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I can't wait to hear about tennis lessons. :)

  4. Sounds like your weekend was as close to perfect as it gets!! Smith is such a little sweetheart ~ love that when he's ready to sleep he just does it!! ha!! Tennis lessons sounds like fun! I played in high school and loved it! (i wasn't all that great but it was fun and i got out of school for 2 days a week for tournaments! ha!) =)

  5. What a fun Memorial Day weekend! Your sweet Smith is too cute! Love that photo of him asleep on your Dad. You reminded me that I forgot to take photos on Memorial Day too-oops. ;)

  6. I love that yall are party hoppin' people! Our family LOVES a good family cookout, nothing sweeter!

    Smith is one handsome little boy! and that sleepy picture with him and papa Jay, is one he should cherish forever! I would give anything to snuggle up to my grandfather and take a nap! Lucky boy.

    Love the Shulls!

  7. Maureen W. (Maryland)May 29, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    Sounds like the perfect way to spend a long holiday weekend! It feels a little sad not seeing your brother at these family events (unless he is and you just don't mention it) since he was such a big part of your kids' lives. I hope they still get to see him often, but I know we all go through seasons of our lives and maybe he needs to be off doing his own thing right now. XOXO

  8. Ha! My husband and I went to college with Erika in Arkansas.

  9. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Love your sweet family!

  10. I laugh every time you write about Smith and sleeping.. so cute and so funnny.


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