Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fifty Two Shades of Shay: Wedges

Alright...this is happening.  I'm talking about my wedges.

I mean, come on...look at the Fifty Two Shades of Shay image!  The wedge is my signature trademark.  I am a wedge enthusiast...and this is the post where I show you all sorts of fun wedges and talk wedge love with you...

I really don't remember wearing my first pair of wedges.  I was probably 4.  Maybe 5.  Let's just say...it was a looooong time ago.  To me, wedges are the perfect shoe.  They're heels (because...why wear a flat when you can wear a heel?), they give you more support than a regular heel because your entire foot is braced, they are easier to walk in than pumps, they are timeless, and they look good with everything from pants to shorts to dresses and skirts.

My favorite kind of wedge is a neutral wedge...one that can go with anything...so, let's first take a peak at some of those...

Most years, I buy at least one pair of neutral wedges.  This year, I bought this one.  I think Steve Madden makes the most comfortable wedges out there...and durable!  I have Steve Madden wedges that I'm still wearing that are 8 or 9 years old.  I really, really love these!

And look how cute these are!  I love the color, the cork, the straps...I really like these too! (And psssst: they also come in pink!).

I've been seeing these Jessica Simpson wedges in Nordstrom a lot lately.  They're really, really cute and the heel height isn't as tall as others.  If you're new to a wedge, this might be the perfect shoe to test drive.

I blogged about these wedges two weeks ago...and now they're on sale!  Now, they're 33% off...that is pretty fantastic.

Click here to see an entire page of fabulous neutral wedges.

Maybe you're not a neutral wedge kind of person?  Maybe you like a little color?  Or black?  Here are my favorite non-neutral wedges this season...

This little orange wedge (it also comes in blue or brown) is not only fun and bright for summer...but it is soooooooo comfortable!  And the heel height isn't crazy tall...this is an easy to wear summer shoe.

Sheaffer and I have talked about this wedge so much that I'm pretty sure 90% of you have already bought it.  It is the most comfortable wedge I've ever owned.  Ever.  I love this patent black color...but right now, it's also available in taupe (the perfect neutral), red and white.  I have tried on every single color (and purchased a couple of them)...this wedge will be your favorite shoe E-V-E-R.

Look at this fun coral color!  It's so fresh and fun for summer (and this shoe also comes in black, neutral and blue).  Coral is the perfect color for summer.

I am also pretty smitten with this navy wedge.  It looks sophisticated and fun for summer...and perfect for all occasions (and it also comes in nude).  I love the buckle on the side too.

This wedge is on sale right now too!  And look how stinkin' cute it is?!?!  I'm starting to think other than pink, green is my favorite color to wear.  Green is so fresh and yet has a classic look about it.  I heart these green wedges.

Here is some more wedge help for you...

If you're looking for wedges under $50, here is a great list.

If you're looking for wedges with a low heel, here is a great list.

If you're looking for wedges with an extra high heel, here is a great list.

If you're looking for pink wedges, here is a great list.

If you're looking for yellow wedges, here is a great list. 

You might ask, why do I always link to Nordstrom shoes?  They have the biggest selection, they always offer free shipping and free returns with no minimum purchase, they always return a product, and right now...they're having a HUGE sale.  It is the perfect time to shop for wedges!

Thanks for hanging out today with my Shade of Shay.  Next week...we're going to talk about the pool bag...and offer a giveaway.  It's going to be so much fun!

Don't forget to check out my foodie blog...today, I have the perfect meal for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

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  1. You ARE a wedge enthusiast! That is HILARIOUS and oh so true!!!!! I'm thinking Nordstrom better brace themselves for wedge orders today. :)
    GREAT selection!

  2. Love a good wedge sister! And i'm off to purchase those navy ones-Hellooo classy! thanks for all the great options!!

  3. So many wedges! Will have to check it out again after work. I bet you have a fabulous collection!

  4. I remember when you first posted about your love for wedges, because they are my favorite non-flat shoe style too! My favorites are the navy ones & the coral ones. I would check out Nordstrom, but I've hit my limit there last week thanks to Sheaffer's links! ;)

  5. Just about every time i see wedges or bangles I think of you! ha!! you've featured some CUTE ones here!!

  6. This is great!

    I would love to know (of all the wedges you own), what are your top five? I know there are a lot of cute ones out there, but if would mean a lot to get recommendations about the ones you wear everyday :)


  7. Thanks to all your information regarding wedges I actually bought my first pair last week. Yay! Did you notice Desiree was wearing wedges last night in the bachelorette? I was thinking that would please you! ;)

  8. I love a good wedge, I am short, and short legged, so it gives me some height!!!

    OK, are you going to do a bacholerette re cap each week? Who was your pick last night? Here is what I thought.. Dez looked stunning ( I still think she was a good pick, but Catherine was a doll too)...my few first picks were Drew, and Ben, BUT from the season commercial, is Ben another Bentley? umh, I heard a spoiler of who she chooses, I am not going to reveal, but I was like.. mmmhhh really? We shall see!!!!!!

  9. love this! i have one pair of wedges that are just now starting to fall apart after 6 years. i have traded in my heels for many years for flats now because my feet hurt running after 2 kids. but i might need to look into those JS wedges., they are so cute!

  10. All your wedge choices are so cute!!!

  11. I LOVE shoes, especially wedges! This is a great post and makes me want to go shopping again :)
    p.s. the navy wedges were shown on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda this morning!

  12. I'm not going to do Bachelorette recaps. I only recap the shows where I have a blood relative on it...Pinterest Told Me To will still be doing recaps though!

  13. I just bought those steve madden coral wedges the other day! They are so comfortable and such a fun color for summer! :)

  14. Thanks for fueling my online shopping addiction! I was hoping for some Bachelorette discussion too!

  15. Maureen W. (Maryland)May 29, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    Here's my entry for "How Wedges Changed My Life" :) -
    I feel like I have weird legs and don't like how they look in shorts. Also, as I got older, I didn't feel like the shorts and flip flops look was age-appropriate for going out. Threw on a pair of wedges with shorts one day and "Voila!" - I felt taller, more confident and dressier.

    I would love to see how you store all of your wedges - seems like a rather large collection for the average closet :)


  16. So I've never been a wedge girl - always more of a regular heel girl. Love me some heels. BUT with chasing a very active two year old around (and I'm due any day with number two) heels are just not working so I've been in a bit of a shoe crisis. Sooo I took myself down to Nordstrom last night and bought a super cute pair of wedges! And then came home and ordered another pair :) I think you have officially converted me!

  17. Do you have any lists for wedges thaat cover the toes?? I don't really like to show them off ( there's nothing wrong with them, just don't like to) BTW i really love your blog!


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