Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Women Tell All Recap

Last night, the women told all...about each other, about Sean and especially about Tierra.  I always love a good "gripe at the girl who drove you all nuts the entire season" session, so last night did not disappoint.

At first, I thought Tierra...

...was going to be a...

...and not show up.  I wouldn't have blamed her!  After 3 months of America seeing how crazy psycho narcissistic insane self-absorbed sparkly nuts she is, I wouldn't have been surprised if she had become an expatriate and fled somewhere far away where the Bachelor isn't a big deal (like maybe some tiny little island in the middle of the Pacific or something...).

Anyway...I give her props for showing up.  After that, I really can't give her props for much more.  She dug her hole deeper (shocking, I know).  She still doesn't seem to get why America the contestants dislike her so.   Tierra's segments were a lot of metaphors, eyebrows, sighs, disgust, and rambling.  Bye Bye Tierra.  You may be off our TV but my kids will continue to talk about you for a long, long time.

And since I'm always thinking about food...the chicken comment made me think of this...

Just when you thought Tierra's segment couldn't make the show any more awkward...AshLee's segment arrived.

Sweet, sweet AshLee...

I loved AshLee this season!  She was hands down, one of my favorites! However, I'm not sure last night did her any favors in the America's Sweetheart department.  We can probably officially hand that title over to Des now.  AshLee was bitter furious crazy upset and it showed.  She apparently decided against leaving the show with a lot of grace...instead, she wanted to leave with a bang.  And bang she sure did.  That was one pissed off heart-broken girl.

And when I'm heart-broken...I just want chocolate.  My Oreo Cake Balls help my broken heart heal.  (Don't judge...like chocolate doesn't make you feel better too!)  AshLee should eat an Oreo Ball.  Or 12 of them.  Trust me AshLee...you'll start to hate Sean less and feel better in no time.

  Here is a quick glance at my favorite moments:

1. Chris and Des chatting.  I really like this girl!
2. Sweet Sarah!  I just want to bring her to my house and make her dinner.  And hug her.  A lot.
3. Tierra.  Tierra just being herself was entertaining enough for me.  Watch out.  I see her with her own MTV reality show before too long.

My favorite Tweets:

The girls I think would be fabulous on Bachelor Pad:
1. Tierra (she was made for that show!)
2. Amanda (her split personalities would be funny to watch!)
3. Lesley (I think there is a side to her that would fit with Bachelor Pad...for some reason, I just do)

And if I were making dessert for the Bachelor Pad crew...I would make this...

...my Skinny Girl Margarita Bundt Cake, of course!  Why just drink your margarita when you can eat it in a bundt cake?!

Next week is the finale!  Can I just say that I am so relieved that it is here?!?!  As much fun as I've had watching this season...I am ready for this chapter to end and another to begin.

Here are some things for you to keep in mind when you watch next week...
1. Thailand was really humid.
2. I have naturally wavy hair.
3. My hair does not do well in humidity.
4. There was no A/C
5. Thailand was really humid.
6. Thailand was really humid.

Here we go...one episode remaining.

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Have a great Tuesday everyone!



  1. Emily in London had her daughter with her, yet had time to make out with Sean,Jef and Ryan - oh and also everyone on the romeo & julia date.

    Sean takes a lot of slack for all the kissing but what about Emily?
    Or what about getting engaged twice and ending it? Oh thats right, it was Brad's fault according to her, and im sure it was Jef's fault as well...

    Maybe its because i'm in my 20's and living in Sweden. But a guy who "kiss" women in his 20's like Sean, is hardly a player/playboy/frat boy.
    nor is a woman "lose". Maybe some older people need a reality check on what is going out in the real world.
    Kissing on a date is hardly outrageous behavior.

    ps! Ashlee said she was sure on what Sean said yet changed her words/story after 20 seconds... not a good sign for someone who tells the "truth".

  2. I think Sean has handled himself well all season, displaying grace and restraint even in some really rough situations (like last night). This is the point, though, at which I really wonder if any healthy marriage relationship can begin when the future husband is making out with another woman a few days before the engagement. I can't wait to hear what your Mama has to say next weekend, beyond "You don't have to ask them to marry you!" I'm team Sean's mom!!

  3. First of all, I thought Sean did a GREAT job last night. Second of all, HILARIOUS post. :)

  4. my guess is the "letter" is from your and Sean's mother..either in support or warning to him. Thus the emotion on Sean's face.

  5. I have to watch online, as I live in Germany. For some reason at the 45 minute mark there was no sound!!! UGH!! So I missed hearing Des and AshLee. Tierrable was at the beginning though and thoroughly entertaining!!!!

    So glad I'm happily married and don't have to mess around with ANY KIND of dating these days. I remember it as being fun, but it seems so stressful and crazy now!!!

  6. Great recap! I was so annoyed with Ashlee...there was absolutely no reason to try and throw Sean under the bus like that! She is obviously still very bitter and showed a completely different side of her. Sean made a wise choice to get rid of her! He handled himself great this season....definitely not a frat boy or playboy. A true gentleman! Can't wait for next week!

  7. "This is the point, though, at which I really wonder if any healthy marriage relationship can begin when the future husband is making out with another woman a few days before the engagement."

    Welcome to Europe! haha... well my parents been together for 35+ years.

    My dad isnt a believer but my mom is a christian - I think if both are willing to compromise anything is possible. And especially if you have a good morale foundation - even my dad would say christianity is one of those.

    ps! if the one Sean pick's (... and lets hope its Lindsay!!!) can look past this season then clearly she isnt a jealous type and im sure thats a very good sign.

    I don't wanna bash Emily again but she did complain a lot about what Brad did on the Bachelor season, yet apparently when she did the same thing on the Bachelorette season it was "allright".

    Lindsay/Catherine would have done the same thing as Sean.
    Same with Ashlee.
    Wait until the next Bachelorette shows up, If its Des, can't wait to hear her "brother" again.
    I mean, are the finale two guys gonna call Des a lose woman or playgirl infront of him? ;)

  8. Hilarious recap! I saw Sean's face on the cover of almost every magazine while standing in line at Target yesterday. That has to be kind of surreal to ya'll!

  9. So Ashlee took a nose dive for me last night, I don't like her anymore after she went after Sean like that. On another note, I can't wait to see you and your family next week on the show, it will be so fun to see who he finally picks. I've got my favorite, but we shall see! I was cracking up at the tweet that said the letter was from you, hilarious! Run Sean run! :) And last but not least, I hope Des is the next Bachelorette!!! OK There is my ten cents for what it's worth! ;) What in the WORLD am going to watch when this is over? It's a sad reality.

  10. Hey Shay!
    I always love your posts! And 99.9% of the time agree with you :)
    With that being said, I still really like AshLee. Do I think that is what Sean said? NO. Do I think that is what she wished she had heard? YES.
    Sometimes people do forget that for people on this show, this is real. And so in a normal situation where you get broken up with don't you hope that person would care enough to check on you?? Yes, of course. (She should of realized this is not a normal situation though...)
    I think she is still really hurt and wanted to seem like she has moved on.
    Can't wait till next week when we see you!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. GREAT recap!! Here is the deal with AshLee...she is actually insane. I mean, actually, truly, honestly straight up crazy. Trust me on this one. Thank God your brother and your entire family dodged that bullet!

  12. oh Tierra. that girl has a lot of growing up to do! and like you said ~ you can't reason w/ crazy!!

    i cringed when Ashlee acted the way she did last night. But your brother has more grace and patience than any person i've ever seen and be couldn't of handled it better!

    your tweet last night about telling Sean to take Smith potty & take out the trash if he showed up at your house cracked me up!! ha!

    i'm sure you are going to be beautiful as always on next week's episode but it cracked me up that you gave warning! haha!! can't wait to see the finale!! =)

  13. I agree with Lauren and The Dose of Reality regarding AshLee. Her OCD issues had her wanting to CONTROL everything and everyone, esp. Sean. He was right in sending her home. He would never have been able to make a move without her approval. Spontaneity is not part of her. And last week when she told him the style and size ring she wanted was TOO MUCH!! Her OCD was raging again. Now she can return to her closets and organize them over and over.

  14. Funny Funny Funny!!! I love reading your recaps. AshLee is beautiful BUT.....she proved me right last night. She nuts. Just a different kind than Tierra. I always wondered why Sean kept her around for so long. My guess is the letter is from your mommy.

  15. I loved seeing your tweet on tv last night. My husband did think I was a little Mixmatchmama crazy when I saw your tweet and recognized that it was you. LOL! Can't wait for next week! Praying that your family can get back to "normal" soon. Sean did an amazing job portraying his values and personality. You should be proud!

  16. Awesome show & awesome recap! I love getting to read your point of view and is it crazy that I can actually hear your voice when I read it? LOL I can't wait for next week but I have to say that I cried more on last weeks preview of next week & last night's preview of next week than I did all season long! Not fair to show me your mom & brother crying!!! Love you guys! Michelle M.

  17. I love your posts and get you defending your brother. I think that any real woman who was in love and then blindsided by a breakup would be a little scorned. Even last weeks episode, Sean said he was falling in love with her and didn't say that about the other two. I believe that there were some behind the scenes talks that would leave any woman pissed. I wouldn't call her crazy. She was scorned and pissed and how many of us emotional women haven't been at an ex? Give her some grace.

  18. Last night was painful to watch between Sean and AshLee....I so felt bad for Sean....your brother has shown nothing but grace and patience throughout this season.....many times where lesser men would have went screaming for the hills......but the encounter last night proved without a shadow of a doubt that Sean made the right decision letting her go......how rude of her to put Sean on the spot on national tv.....that was definitely revenge.....I have no doubt that your brother did not say what she thinks he did.....do I think she believes he did?...yep...girl is so intense, so into it.....that she heard what she wanted to hear.....and she so wanted to be the one.....but this isn't a girl who is spontaneous...can roll with the punches....or even one who would let Sean be the head of his household....that girl must be in charge......while I was so disappointed in how she behaved last night.....it proves Sean knew what he was doing when he let her go...she just reinforced it with that scene last night......can't wait to see you on my tv next week!!!!

  19. Tiarra should know that it's not really an apology if it begins with "I apologize...for YOU!!!!

  20. In Ashlee's defense, I think she's truly a sweet girl who is just struggling with her feelings and emotions. As an adoptive momma myself I can total understand her reaction. It amazed me the look she had in her eyes when Sean let her go, I've seen that exact same wide-eyed look of anger and confusion in my daughter's eyes as well. I have to say it was a little unsettling to see that even at 32 that look still reappears. Ashlee went through a lot in the first few years of her life and that is forever stamped on her heart, I feel for her. Yes she is an adult and she should have been more graceful about things but at the same time I truly believe in those moments where the feelings of trauma and abandonment are relived even the sweetest seemingly put together people can go right back to being that 5yr old orphan, even at 32.

  21. Love reading your recaps from the bachelor episodes!!! Praying Sean finds just what the Lord has in store for him!

  22. I've had one question all season:
    Can you find out what Tierra smelled like?
    Random, I know.
    Even before they showed her showering in perfume last night, I envisioned a 1990's Giorgio Beverly Hills scent.
    I feel like you might should have let her in on the secrets of "fresh & light"?

  23. Hi Shay,
    I have to say that watching WTA brought a whole new meaning to the phrase, "T & A" for me. Holy smoke, one has sparkle on her bottle of oxygen, and the other, who I loved at first, has a mile high indestructable wall.

    Oh please, Oh please tell me they will both be on the Bach Pad along with my personal fave Lesley M. Her quips are priceless.

    Sean sure dodged two bullets, congats to him and his lucky lady!

    Absoltuely love your blog!

  24. Tierra is so groomed for Bachelor Pad...and Dez was obviously auditioning to be the next Bachlorette.

    I'll be Sean had some 'splaining to do with his fiance! ;) "You told her what?!!?"

  25. I'm so enjoying Sean as the bachelor - he's so genuinely interested in the girls. I had to pause the TV last night and laugh about his "this man" tweet. I wondered if anyone was picking up on that!

  26. Love your recap - as usual! Some thoughts about the WTA last night: I don't buy Tierra's so-called engagement at all. When Chris asked her when her supposed fiance proposed, she immediately blurted out, "No comment!" What an odd response! And then she quickly changed it to January. Me thinks that engagement is completely fabricated to save face.

    I cringed and squealed when AshLee put Sean on blast the way she did. She was definitely a front-runner for me, and I sympathized with her when Sean let her go. But last night, seeing the way she treated him on camera, I saw he was right in eliminating her. She may be faithful, sweet, loving, and a PK (Pastor's Kid) - all valuable qualities, but she definitely still has some serious control issues that should be dealt with before sharing her life with someone.

    Can't wait 'till the finale!

  27. I feel bad for Ashlee and the way people are making her out to be the "bad guy".

    I believe her. Sean did say he was falling in love with her (something I never heard him say about the other two). As a viewer, it wasn't hard to see that he *did* lead her on. All the things he said to her and her family? And why DIDN'T he let her go before the Rose Ceremony if he weren't leading her on?

    Good for her for standing up for herself and calling him out on it! After everyone made her out to be crazy, I'm sure she felt like she HAD to explain why she reacted the way she did. I don't think she did it maliciously, I think she just had to put things in perspective to clear her own name. I think Sean missed out big time. I don't see the same chemistry between him and the other two girls.

    I hope Ashlee is picked as the next Bachelorette!

  28. I loved AshLee until that weird, nonsensical accusation she made about what Sean supposedly told her.

    Oh, Tierra. She was the gift that kept on giving last night. I'm glad no one took away her sparkle...

  29. Love this! I agree w/ you! And how disappointing about Ashlee. I was thinking, please girl, stop while you're ahead! And then she just kept going :(

    Also, my husband who hates anything girly has watched the past few episodes W/ me and I think he wants to be best friends w/ your brother. He kept telling me all of the marital advise he would give him! :). So rare for my hubby!

    And excited for next week!! Excited to see you on there and see who he walks away w/! I bet you're so ready!

  30. Me thinks that darling Sean got caught saying something that perhaps he should not have. Remember, he is SUPPOSED to fake it for the show! Oh, where to draw the line...

    I completely believe AshLee. Completely. I am sure he believed those things when he said them, ha ha.

    AshLee is a lovely woman, certainly not "nuts", and obviously was "in love" with Sean. (Give her a break, she didn't even get to meet you!)

    He should have apologized sweetly and said he was very sorry if he said that. Simple. Done. Instead he didn't want Catherine, er, the winner, to know that he said those things, so he did the male version of the shifty eyed two-step. VERY entertaining, lol!

  31. Ashlee was ridiculous last night. Sean seemed flabbergasted at her accusation that he said he didn't feel anything for Catherine & Lindsay. His eyes kept squinting at her skeptically, as if trying to figure out what kind of crazy-town she was hiding for the entire show. I think he might've been a little shocked that she was trying to manipulate things. And I think that she was/is secretly hoping that he'd pull a Mesnick and ask her out for coffee at the end. I hope she's not holding her breath. ;-)

  32. I love reading your posts and trying your recipes! It's so fun. First off why do they always do the finale in such humid environment? I feel like that happens everytime. NO fair! Don't worry we all understand. I always feel so bad watching the men sweat and sweat because it's so darn humid :-)
    Yes, poor Ashlee did dig her ditch a bit bigger. But I am super excited to try your chicken and dumplings and also your oreo cake balls!! YUM!

  33. I totally retweeted your crazy tweet! It cracks me up at what you say about the girls especially since you have family involved. GO GIRL!! I'm glad there is bachelor who finally has family that GETS what is going on!

  34. After watching this season, I think that your brother has given his all in maintaining integrity throughout the whole experience; and I think with the concept of this show, that must be so very challenging. A person can see it in his face that he is trying to be very careful with his words and, to the best of his ability, be careful with the hearts and emotions of the ladies.

    Ashlee is a lovely lady, but there were things that she said all season that just sent up red flags to me- she seems to have expectations for a person to meet all her needs; that is not only unrealistic, but truly unfair to put that much pressure on an individual.

  35. I'm a little surprised you were so hard on AshLee!! I even saw your tweet last night that you didn't love her as much b/c that's your brother she's talking about ... can no one have an opinion on him that isn't sunshine and roses without you just stopping liking them?! That kind of surprised me! I'm sure every ex boyfriend you saw the first time after you broke up you were hugging him and wishing him the best of luck in life (doubtful) but I appreciated that she was at least real and not trying to put on a front for the cameras.

  36. Hey all! Well...I had a lot of comments today about AshLee...most agreed with me but some didn't. And that's fine! Everyone is allowed to watch the show and form their own opinions.

    I have watched every season of this franchise and trust me...I have loved and not loved several contestants from each season. The bottom line is...this isn't just some bachelor...it's my little brother. And when a person goes on TV and calls him a liar, it wouldn't be right of me to sit at home and pretend like that's ok. I wasn't surprised by last night's show...Sean filled me in on everything after they filmed it last Friday, so I knew it was coming.

    I'm pretty sure every single contestant that has sat in that hot seat could admit to feeling hurt...it's how you deal with that hurt that defines you as a person. AshLee (some four months later) seems to be dealing with it by calling Sean a liar...and no big sister should just sit back and ignore that. I really like AshLee this season...but I love Sean.

    Thanks for checking in on my recap today! See you next time!

  37. Fun blog. Fun food!!

    I believe Ashlee. I think he did say it. His behavior was guilty. She waaca better fit for him. Cat will bail when the flurry dies down. Let's nit forget her sisters reactions and words. Lindsey is so young.

    But, I have doubts about sean now. After last night, he seemed guilty and basically called her a liar. She was explaining why age thought she had this. And I think she was truthfully telling it like it is.

  38. I liked Ashlee in the sense that she was always honest about herself, her insecurities, and her feelings for Sean. However, I think it was clear on the last date that she was way more into him than he was into her. I think Sean has handled himself great this whole time and I'm sure your family is proud!

    I have a theory about the letter - I saw Tierra writing a letter in a past episode. Could it be from her? Maybe it's far fetched. But why did they show her sitting and writing a letter? Was she writing home? LOL I guess we will find out soon!

  39. First, I agree, so so hoping that Tierra is on Bachelor Pad - that is just awesome train wreck tv waiting to happen.

    Second, I don't think it matters what Sean said or what Ashlee heard. He made the right decision sending her home. She is a sweet girl, but she wasn't going to keep him laughing over the years. And, that's important when you are covered in something that came out of your beautiful, beloved offspring or are in any number of other moments whether intended to be funny or are things you just have to laugh at. As for Ashlee, I know she thinks she was in love, but I truly believe she was just infatuated and in love with the idea of being in love. She wants to find the one, so I think she decided that was Sean without really exploring if that was actually the case.

    Lastly, can't wait to see who he picks. I had long ago given up on watching The Bachelor, but had to watch his season because he seems like such a great guy. I have to see I kinda agree with your mom on the whole no need to jump into a proposal here, but hey, not my choice. I wish him all the best and if it doesn't work out, I know he will find someone awesome (they'll be lined up around the block). :)

  40. I have loved Sean all season! Definitely the best Bachelor season yet. Really feel like he's made Texas proud and he's been a true gentleman, kind-hearted and very respectful of all the women, especially last night with Ashlee's accusation. I've heard him say he's falling in love with all three girls that were in the last episode (was a little surprised A said what she did) and really believe in his heart that he holds/held a special place in his heart for several of the girls he's met this season. Love that he appreciates people! Rare to find in a person and one of my favorite things I love about my hubby.

    Really have loved seeing you support your little bro and who ever Sean marries will be blessed with a wonderful new support system! Excited for the final episode. Laughed so hard at your humidity warning....definitely feel ya there!

  41. Just read through some of the other comments! Sheesh, you only said you just liked her a 'wee' bit less for calling your brother a liar (which I thought was a very nice way of putting it). That was honest and how I felt too! As we all know, Sean has an awesome big sis! PS-I LOVE your food blog. We made mac and trees for the first time!! It will be a new regular in the dinner rotation...YUM!

  42. I was really hoping Sean would have a chance to chat with Tierra. I can only imagine how hard her eyebrow would have been palpitating! Otherwise, great Women Tell All as always. Ashlee just straight pissed me off. That girl is bitter! And her "come...on...Sean..." pleading was sending some bad shivers down my spine. Girl's cray. :)

  43. Just watched WTA tonight. After reading the tweets last night I was curious about what was said.

    I'm sad for Ashley. I liked her this season, but never saw her becoming Sean's wife. It's possible that this show may not be a good fit for someone with abandonment issues (since most of the women get sent home!), but anyone who has watched the show before knows, no matter what happens...bow out gracefully!!!! The exchange between her and Sean was painful for me to watch...I can't imagine how it was for you, even though you knew what was coming.

    Anyway...looking forward to seeing you and your family in next weeks episode...and looking forward to seeing how things unfold after the show. Sean has handled himself very well this season, even in the difficult times. You have a lot to be proud of.

    Wishing your family the best through the rest of this wild ride that is the Bachelor...but more importantly wishing your family the best for whatever happens after.

  44. I don't think Ashlee meant to hurt your brother in anyway, she was just totally blindsided... I mean can u blame her for being shocked by the rose ceremony, she is in 3rd place and there bounds to be strong connection happening there.

    I think the way she handled her issue with Sean was classy, brave and what she needed for closure. look..., every person deal with closure in a different way. if she didn't confront Sean the way she did, she may regret it. maybe she need to do it because of what happen in her past.

    I am not really her fan in the beginning of the season, but after that St Croix moment, she definitely shine. her personality, her true self shine and I definitely can see the charisma and beautiful presence this woman bring. (plus, she is stunning and gorgeous in the wtl)

    for some reason, she somehow become a role model for many woman out there and it seem many guys will easily like her.

    "If Ashlee become the next bachelorette, she would bring much class, prestige and star power to the franchise."

    ps: maybe your brother and Ashlee should meet to just have a good heart to heart talk... I mean, it would be good for the both of them. both are them are in Texas anyway, let them meet and have a good long talk. it will be worth it and I think you, Shay will enjoy being close friends with Ashlee.


  45. hi shay,

    i love reading ur blogs same with sheaffer, u guys are so funny, u really put smiles to every person who read it...keep it up!!!

    #1 Fan of ‏@MixandMatchMama and ‏@simsslp


  46. To Anonymous from March 6, 2:12 a.m...Oh, AshLee is that you?

  47. You know your brother the best, so I'm going to side with him and you. Maybe AshLee wished and dreamt those things. She was head over heels in love with him or the idea of him since the beginning, calling him her Prince Charming on night one before she even got to know him. AshLee's story isn't completely credible either, as she later changed what words she thought he said. Plus her whole thing about him not going to check on her to make sure she was ok after he dumped her was cuckoo for cocoa puffs. What Bachelor/rette has ever done that? It's a dating competition show...with other women...ya know!? Girlfriend has got major issues (control) she needs to work on. Glad Sean got out when he did. Hope he finds true love at the end in whoever he chooses and that he's the first Bachelor marriage success!

  48. Oh my God! I love ur Bachelor Blog! I just discovered it and i thk it's so original, with the food part... I mean, Sean + Food, what could be better rite?!
    U're spot on with ur WTA recap. I too thought Tierra would be a chicken but i have to say i'm kinda impressed she showed up (i said KINDA), she's still the same brat...but whatever...
    And i have to say i thought AshLee had a much worse behavior than Tierra! I was kinda shocked, i didn't expect the accusations coming from someone like her... and towards such a gentleman that ur brother is.
    Anywayz i'm sure even though Sean was blindsided, he must be breathing a sigh of relief he let her go! (Nah, that wasn't mean, that was honest! lol).
    Can't wait for ur next Bachelor Blog and in the meantime i'm gonna check ur yummy recipes!
    Lots of love from Mauritius,

  49. LOL only pro sean comments bashing Emily comments are posted on your blog, WOW.

  50. Why is it that Emily always gets a pass? She brought out her baggage as a single mom, with tragic circumstances and the poor girl was dumped twice, yet AshLee, Sara, and others are milking their baggage. At least they were upfront. Emily is just dishonest. I so can't imagine a guy like Sean with Emily. He's way too cool and upfront to be with a deceit freak like the self absorbed hood rat, even if she does blow big bucks on clothes. Makes her what? Talented?

  51. Didn't get to watch until last night because we were driving home on Monday night. Such a good episode. AshLee's hair was awesome, her accusations were not. Yikes. And, how come Kacie B didn't get any air time?!?! Can't WAIT for next week!!!!!!!!

  52. Hi Shay,
    Your recap and Shaffers were spot on. You both have a fan in me.

    With reference to Shaffers, her account of Thailand and WTA had me on the floor. Just one additional thought here, AshLee had her weapons on high alert as Sean walked in with two roses left. His heartfelt preamble had her weapons primed on high. OMG is there anything that can stop this poor soul before she explodes and takes half of Houston with her? In my mind WTA was definately not her best performance.

    Then there's Ms T, I hope that this poor soul (or is it multiple souls)avoids the local pawn shop where her silver plated shovel is just waiting for her.

    My drama meter pegged for sure!

    Love you and shaf.

  53. to dose of reality, I am just someone who enjoy the show LOL... I don't think Ashlee comment here, she doesn't even tweet much currently.

    it is my opinion and ohlala, just found out more people are supporting her now. There are millions of people who do relate to her and can understand her.

    Shay, I have liked your blog, your pics and in some way u and your family are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your moments to us. God bless....

  54. Do you know how long AshLee stayed in Thailand after she was eliminated? Did she have to wait a whole week to go home until they finished taping? I ask because of the (silly) "you should have checked on me comment". If you don't know on AshLee, how long did Sean have to wait to go home after being let go off Emily's season? That must be so hard. All you would want to do is go home and see your family and friends.

    PS…I think Sean dogged a big bullet with AshLee. He is WAY too intense

  55. Tierra definitely is fit for B.Pad. I was surprised that she showed up too!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  56. I kind of had a feeling from day 1 Ashlee may be slightly... crazy! Just a little deep for me. The women-tell-all just confirmed it for me. She's beautiful but not for Sean!

    LOVE this post... priceless!

  57. Love your tweets! Especially the one about your brother crashing your viewing party to take Smith potty and take out the trash! Haha! And I know if anyone messes with my sisters or any family member for that matter, you better believe that Sister Bear is going to come out and protect them!!! Also, question, do you know if the contestants now have to sign a contract that they will come to the reunion show? Maybe after Bently being a know show they started that (that was a huge disappointment.) I'm a huge fan of your Bachelor recaps as well as your everyday posts. Thanks so much!

  58. The way Ashlee left that night in Thaliand I think she was shocked, okay maybe sean didn't say he had no feelings for the other two ladies but he did say something that made her so upset.

    Of course this comment wont get posted lol.

  59. I don't know if you ever mentioned this -- but I disliked Ashlee much more than I disliked Tierra. I think Sean sent her home (because she is CRAZY and needs help, yes, she was adopted at age 4, get over it) -- because in the 'fantasy suite' she said "I'm a size __ ring, and I like blah blah blah" WHAT?! Shay, I don't know if you respond to any of these crazy comments, but that lady blew it in that moment, I think -- but certainly the other two girls are much sweeter and more normal too. Anyways, just wanted to mention that because I haven't heard any one repeat that very awkward conversation... :)

  60. I don't know if you ever mentioned this -- but I disliked Ashlee much more than I disliked Tierra. I think Sean sent her home (because she is CRAZY and needs help, yes, she was adopted at age 4, get over it) -- because in the 'fantasy suite' she said "I'm a size __ ring, and I like blah blah blah" WHAT?! Shay, I don't know if you respond to any of these crazy comments, but that lady blew it in that moment, I think -- but certainly the other two girls are much sweeter and more normal too. Anyways, just wanted to mention that because I haven't heard any one repeat that very awkward conversation... :)

  61. It seem like Ashlee was falling in love with a white knight than to sean. She seem to want a protector and saver. She keep saying this man not his name. Maybe that why she fell in love so fast, she didn't really even knew who he was.

  62. Hi Shay!
    I was wondering why on twitter you posted "love AshLee more #sisters"? After watching WTA and seeing your recap, that comment confuses me!
    So excited for tomorrow night :)

  63. I tweet live...so as they're saying things, I tweet. At one point, she made a sweet reference to how her and I would have been good friends. Thus, the tweet you read. However, then she went on to imply that Sean was a liar...and therefore, my opinion of her changed a wee bit. I think any big sister's opinion would change under those circumstances.

  64. I totally agree - that is why I was confused!! Thanks for clearing it up :)

  65. The only thing your cupcakes need are Lucky Charms sprinkled on top...then they'd be magically delicious!

  66. Shay- Love your recap, didn't get a chance to read this one until today. ITA about Tierra, and she is truly delusional. The only thing I wished I had seen was Sean confronting her. I know that sounds a bit childish but at the same time, he saw the shows, he saw one side of her (fake) and then he got to see the cra-cra side of her. I would have LOVED for him to ask her "WHY" she lied & made up how the girls had this gang-up behavior towards her when in fact, that just wasn't the way things played out. She really did have a lot of excuses. As much as I wish people well, I don't believe for one second that she's engaged. I think it's her way of trying to make herself look like she's better than everyone. It's a game to her. I'm just VERY glad that Sean didn't end up with her. I'm sure you do too.
    As far as AshLee goes, wow... I see why she was a woman hurt at the rose ceremony, we all get blindsided & react differently, however, for her to go on the "woman tell all" & actually say to Sean's face that he made the comments that he didn't care for the others? WOW! My mouth dropped. You could see Sean's face, red, shocked, confused. He never got angry or defensive, yet she sat there & continued. She looked horrible by doing that. She went from "America's Sweetheart" to "America's crazy"... You know how someone starts off by being pretty & then you see their personality & they're not so pretty? Yeah. Her.
    I'm thrilled that Dez is the next Bacherlorette! She's a fav of mine for sure. I feel bad for the men though, her brother might scare them all away. That should be interesting.


If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me at mixandmatchmama@yahoo.com. xoxo

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