Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bachelor Recap Episode 6: Seanie Bear Plunge

I am still thawing out after Tuesday night's episode!  Dang, it looked cold!  I must say...the family and I could get used to watching Uncle Seanie every night on TV.  We get cuddled up and watch the idiot continue to pick Tierra fun!

I was super, super excited that they went to Canada!  Three fun much to say...

The first date with sweet Catherine was C-O-L-D!  When the date first started, I tweeted out that someone needed to get that girl a heavy coat!  Geez, she looked like she was freezing!  I thought it was super generous of ABC to trust Sean driving that glacier bus thing...he's a good driver and all but...that looked like an expensive piece of machinery to let someone drive that just two episodes ago couldn't get a Jeep to work.  I'm just saying...

Then the Seanie Bear Plunge date...

Look at the already cold, fully dressed girls lined up waiting to hear about the romantic date they have in store for them...

...and then he tells them to strip down to their bikinis and jump in the freezing water.  I would act surprised but I'm this point...fighting live Lions in a cage wouldn't surprise me.  In their bikinis, of course.

After seeing the promos for this episode on Monday night, this was all Smith could talk about on Tuesday.  He wanted to see "water firemen" save Tierra.  That kid talked about it all day!  But then the episode aired and this big moment happened...and you know what Smith kept talking about???  Her mascara all over her face :).  My three year old boy couldn't grasp the fact that it's possible for makeup to run like that.  He just kept saying it over and over, "why mommy?".  Another lesson learned from the Bachelor.

And then Desiree got her second one-on-one date...

...which involved repelling down a mountain. favorite person to follow on Twitter during the Bachelor is @Possessionista.  She makes me laugh out loud during the entire episode!  Two of my favorite Tweets from Tuesday night:

You should be following her!  (And me!  @mixandmatchmama)

And then the show ends with Sarah, Selma and Daniella going home.  I don't think there were any surprises there...however, I think the race is close for the final six!

And here's some more of your Q&A...I didn't get to everyone's but hopefully, I'm giving you enough!  Don't forget, I can't talk about the ending and such...

1. Does Sean get to see the episodes in advance?

Yes!  He sees them about a week in advance.

2. What is Sean's exercise routine?

I'm not 100% sure but I know his main priority is a clean diet and that he lifts a lot of weights.  He and my hubby have the same personal trainer and train the same way.  Lots of protein, lots of heavy lifting, not a ton of cardio.

3. How do I like being famous?

Ha!  I'm not, so I wouldn't know the answer!  I have been recognized twice (both times at the mall) but I wouldn't call that famous.  We take this all in stride.  This is fleeting...our family is forever.  We remember that.

4. Why did Sean decide to be the Bachelor?

Well, he prayed about it and decided it was the right decision for him.  He had such a great experience the first time on the Bachelorette, he really enjoyed everyone who works with the show, and he really believes that the show can be a place to meet the love of your life. 

5. Is it weird to watch my brother on TV?

Yes...and no.  At least he's being himself on TV (I think it would be really weird to watch him if he were an know, if he was on TV but acting like someone else), so watching him be himself is so much fun! It's still weird when we're together and people get excited to see him.  That is the weird part.  I forget just hanging out with him that other people are watching him, so that's odd (but fun too!).

6. Do the girls actually pack their bags before each rose ceremony?

Yup! When they get walked out to the car, they are headed away from the show with their stuff.  We only see them with their one suitcase but trust me...people are grabbing their other suitcases.  I believe Sean took 3 suitcases when he filmed the you can only imagine how many these girls have.

7. What advice did I give Sean before he left to film the show?

To listen to the other girls in the house if they said one girl in particular was trouble.  Yes  I really said that.  And yes, I have rubbed it in his face that he didn't listen and should have!

8. Did Sean get to pick the destination cities they visit?

Yes.  Before they started filming, they asked Sean where he wanted to go and which cities he wanted to visit...Sean told them that he wanted them to pick.  He told them what he wanted to do on dates (thrill sports, adventurous things) but for them to pick the destinations.  So, yes, they asked him but he let them pick.

9. What is Sean's favorite meal?

My mom's meatloaf recipe.  Click here to see it!

10. What is my proudest moment of Sean?

Well...I've a lot!  I was so proud the first time I went to Kansas State and saw him play Division 1 College Football.   He had worked so hard to be there, and I was super proud of him.  I was so proud of the entire season of the Bachelorette.  I was so proud when I went to visit him at his first business.  He worked really hard and was an instant entrepreneur.  I have been proud many times over watching him be an uncle to my kids.  His love for them is so obvious.  There are countless times that I've been proud of him.  This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

11. Is the filming of the show true and accurate?

Yes!  That was the biggest thing I took away from our hometown date with Emily.  There are no scripts or prompts...they create elaborate settings and include a variety of strong personalities, so there will be drama of course!  But the show is truthful.  These girls are who they are.  Sean is who he is.  I have never once felt like they were trying to get us to be people we weren't, act a way we don't normally act or say things we didn't genuinely want to say.

12. Sean's faith and Selma's faith...

I received multiple comments about Sean's faith being different than Selma's faith.  First, Selma never said on TV what her faith was today.  She said what her family's faith was, but not her personal faith.  I know for a fact that Sean and Selma discussed their faith openly and honestly and unfortunately that wasn't aired (they can't air everything!).  The only thing that was aired was what her family believed.  All Sean cares about is the heart and faith of the one woman in his life...not the entire family.

13. What has been my most uncomfortable moment watching this season?

The "do you like chocolate" comment.  I'm still staying away from Hershey Kisses after that.

14. Does Sean really not like drama or does he just keep saying that?

Oh heavens no!  Speaking as someone who lived with him for 18 years...that boy does not like to hear girls complain about other girls.  In fact, even today, as a 31 year old mama of two, if I complain about a girl friend to him, he tells me to knock it off.  Seriously!

15. Is Sean friends with other Bachelors or Bachelorettes from seasons past?

Yes!  He has hung out with most of them...friends with them all.  That is a very tight knit community.

Hmm...and what food goes with Canada???  I have the perfect thing!

See more of my yummy food over at my foodie blog and don't forget to check out A Bachelorette Told Me To over at Sheaffer's blog.

Next week is going to be epic.  My favorite recap to come!


  1. Fighting lions in bikinis is a GREAT idea! LOVE IT!

  2. Catherine is a beautiful you know what nationality she is? My daughter thinks Phillipino?

  3. Great recap! Have I mentioned how much I love you relationship with your brother? :) So special! I need to try that meatloaf recipe! :)

  4. What was up with that sweater Sean was wearing on his date with Des? Even my husband commented on how ugly it was. LOL! Did someone from the show pick out his clothes for him? Please tell me he did NOT pick out that sweater himself!

  5. Sean's wardrobe was a team effort...but he had a say in everything. I guess he liked the old lady sweater???

  6. love that Smith was so excited to see the "water firemen" ~ too cute!!!

    i've probably said it before but i LOVE the relationship you and Sean have! i hope and pray that my boys share the same type of love and support and friendship as they grow up!! =)

  7. Your answer to number 10 made me cry! I love how close your family is... it reminds me of how close my family is, too! I love reading your's and Sheaffer's websites everyday!!

    -Rachel Tapscott

  8. I cannot imagine if this were my brother! Tierra?? I'd have to drive to his house and slap him upside his head. :) You all seem to have a great relationship and family. I love reading your recaps!

  9. I wanted to punch the TV when Sean picked Tierra! I'm excited for him to figure out that she's a loon! And I love that Smith was so concerned with her mascara! So stinkin' cute! :)

    1. I feel the same way Tierra is such a dramaqueen hope that he has sense enough to see it

  10. Shay, I love your tweets and this blog! Very refreshing perspective from the inside. Also your kids are seriously some of the cutest kids...ever!

  11. Loving getting the inside scoop from Sean's sister! We are THRILLED with this season and think Sean is the greatest! :)

  12. So fun to read your perspective of it all! I've been to Banff and skied Lake Louise -- so I especially loved this episode (watched just for you, fyi) :) I think seeing all the places they travel is my fave part of the show! And hubs doesn't watch with me, and is a therapist...and he happened to walk in during a Tierra breakdown, and he diagnosed her on the spot! ;) #craycray

  13. I really am enjoying reading your recaps of the show. Gives me a whole different perspective. Looking forward to watching the next episode...I'm hooked!

  14. Again, Shay, thank you! Your posts are great.

  15. Seeing Tierra hyperventilating prior to her even taking her clothes off before the plunge...ummm ya. That could only lead to drama.
    (I was mentally telling Uncle Seanie to give her the boot.
    Sidenote: Is it weird that people now want to call him Uncle Seanie? Can he just adopt all of our children, please?!) :)

  16. I love the 'behind the scenes' info! So fun! Thanks for being willing and open to share - it makes watching the show that much more enjoyable. (And Sean is my most favorite person that has ever been on the show... I was heartbroken when Emily sent him home last season and was so happy that he chose to try again! Yay Sean!)

  17. One of the best moments of Episode 6, was when Ashlee shared her heart about letting go of control and how scary that is for her...and then invited Sean to lead the way. When he scooped her up in his arms and carried her, it was one of the most tender, romantic, thoughtful moments I'd seen.
    Nothing like speaking directly to her heart...without saying a word!! :) Go Sean!!

  18. Love your recaps, totally look forward to reading them after each episode!!!
    I have a question:
    How did you feel about Sean letting Sarah go early instead of waiting for the rose ceremony? I felt so bad for her, I totally get that there wasn't a connection with them (I could tell there was no spark) but I just felt bad for her that he didn't wait until the rose ceremony. I totally see both sides of it, but my heart just broke for her. Your thoughts? :)

  19. Goos recap. :) Coming from a Canadian girl I will tell you anything with Maple Syrup or Smoked Salmon would be a 'Canadian Recipe'. :)

  20. Maureen W. (Maryland)February 8, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    So far this has been one of my favorite seasons because of the fun, adventurous, outdoorsy things they have done. I have now added Whitefish, MT and Lake Louise/Banff to my dream list of places I'd like to travel. (Hmmm ... Maybe Mix and Match Travel could offer Bachelor-themed vacation packages? :) Smith's comments about the water firemen and Tierra's makeup made me laugh out loud. The things they focus on ... XOXO

  21. First time reading your recap. And I have to say I agree with you about the chocolate comment. It was too lame for me. :) I am following you on twitter now too!

  22. The dresses that the women wear for the rose ceremony.... are they really the women's??? Or is there a stylist or whatever that helps the women with those particular dresses? Just curious because they would have to own a lot of pretty fancy dresses if they come on this show... unless of course they only are there a short amount of time.
    And I am concurring with the comment about that hideous sweater Sean wore .... just wrong.
    I really like several of the ladies.... Des, Catherine, Lindsay, Leslie.... so its going to be hard.... I think it will come down to Des and Catherine.
    Tierra is a nightmare and shame on Sean for not listening to you. She makes it hard to watch the show. Seriously.

  23. Oh my gosh. I am going straight to your blog for bachelor recaps. You, my dear, are hilarious!!!!! Love it!!!


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