Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 Houston 4 Boston

Yesterday, was a super fun, very special day for me.  My sweet hubby stayed at home with the kiddos so that I could go to Houston and see the Red Sox play the Astros.  And to top it off, my mom came too :).  (My mom isn't really a baseball fan but she is a fan of shopping...which we did beforehand).  We left Dallas at 8:45 and drove to Huntsville for lunch at a really cute cafe.
 My dad and me :)

 Then, we arrived in Houston around 1:30 for some shopping and cupcakes!  This is Crave Bakery where they have THE BEST cupcakes.  I was in sugar heaven!

 Can we say yum?  German chocolate cupcakes!

 Mom and I at Crave

 After several hours of shopping, we headed over to see the Sox play.  I was super excited about our game but got even more excited when I realized the baseball stadium was indoors!!!!  I was totally willing to sit out in the Houston heat on July 1 but to be in the A/ cool is that?! :)

 My dad and I before the game.  I just love my dad...and I really love my Red Sox!

I got back home at 3:00 AM.  Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun day!  And thank you Andrew for being the best dad and husband ever!  I love you all!

And thank you Red Sox for winning :).  That was the best part!

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