Monday, December 22, 2008

Let's Re-cap 2008...It was big!!!

JANUARY: We find out we're pregnant on 01/16 & tell friends and family
FEBRUARY: Andrew gets his high school jersey retired

MARCH: the whole family heads to Fredericksburg for some R & R

APRIL: Dad and Andrew return from India

MAY: Brandon graduates college

JUNE: Andrew and I go to Italy for 10 days!!

JULY: We get a better picture of baby Shull

AUGUST: I'm stupid enough to stand next to BB 35 weeks pregnant

SEPTEMBER: It's a GIRL!! Welcome to the world Kensington Kate

OCTOBER: I turn 27

And get 3rd row tickets to see Micheal Buble & he touches my hand!!!

NOVEMBER: Happy Thanksgiving

DECEMBER: This was a perfect year!!!!!!


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