Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Today, I'm linking up with NarciErika and Andrea and sharing some of my favorite things from this week.  

Hope you have something fun planned this weekend!

On Monday, I asked you ladies this question...

And the overwhelming response were these three things:

1. Drink lots of water.
2. Wash your face every night before bed.
3. Wear sunscreen.

Seriously, these three things were on almost everyone's list! 

To see other really good advice, check the comment section here

Speaking of Monday...

...I told you that thanks to your recommendations, I have been using this Moisture Surge mask twice a week before bed and LOVE it!  You apply this cream after you finish your nightly beauty routine.  It rubs on clear and isn't too thick or greasy.  Then, you go to bed and wake up with very moisturized skin.  Bye bye dry skin.  Don't care to see you any more.

I told you that this was the first time for me to buy Clinique since the 8th grade and that I was super pleased with the results.  Well, Nicole N. emailed me and told me to check out this sunscreen here...

...because it doubles as a makeup primer. Yes!  So, I ordered this and will let you know what I think.  I do use a makeup primer every day along with sunscreen, so if this eliminates a step, I'm in!

Look what I found this week online... wedges are back in stock!  I bought these exact wedges last spring and they were out of stock in a hot minute.  I wore them all summer long (because they're really comfy) and every time you ladies would ask me about them, I'd have to say they were out of stock.  Well, they're back.  I love these and plan on wearing them a lot this season too!  Am I the only one ready for wedge season?!

And pssssst: my jeans are still in stock.  You can see them here.

My sweet friend Trista Sutter is taking the world by storm with her The Value of You talk that she gave a few weeks ago for TedxVail.  The Youtube video has been all over Instagram and she asked me if I would share it with you ladies too. #heckya  

Trista's message is very inspiring and encouraging...especially for moms.  What you're doing right now at home might seem so small and insignificant, but IT IS SO IMPORTANT!  I hope you all take time to watch it!

 And how could this not be one of my favorites this week?!  Showing up in the cookbook department of my local bookstore and finding my little books on the shelf.  That was one cool moment.  If you haven't bought yours yet, click here to get them online.  Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm, support, encouragement and love through this process.  You girls are my favorite.

And finally...

...if you're looking for some easy and quick Valentine's Day treats to share with your hubby, your kids or a classroom full of students, I have you covered!  

See all of my yummy and simple treats here.

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Life lately.

Life lately has been all about hula hooping, the number 100, books and dates.  It's been a random week friends :).

Last week, Kensington participated in her school's variety show with Ebby Lee and Molly.  These three first graders hula hooped in front of the entire school and their families.  Here's the deal...Kensington is very shy, so when she said she wanted to try out for the variety show, we were very encouraging but also very surprised.  This was completely out of character for her...and we were so proud!!  This was last Thursday at dress rehearsal.

 Three cheers for Friday.  Okay, two cheers and one "why are we up so early?" for Friday!

 Friday night at the variety show.  Woohoo!!  These girls did an amazing job!!

Post show glow!

On Saturday morning, the girls watched Andrew coach and Smith play basketball.

 After the game, we went to our town square for lunch.  I tried to get a good picture of my oldest two...

 This sums them up.

 After lunch, we drove over to Papa Jay and Lovie's house for some car driving.  That's Kensington in the back with the blanket over her head.  She was a bride and that's her veil :).

We went to Papa Jay and Lovie's town next for dinner.  As we were walking, K asked if we'd take her picture...

...and then Smith asked for a picture with me.  Oh Smith, please don't grow up.  I just love how sweet you are right now!

After church on Sunday, both kids had little projects to celebrate their 100th day of school.  Kensington painted 100 polka dots on a shirt...

...and Smith counted out 100 elbow noodles.

Next, I had some help in the kitchen for a recipe I was working on.  This girl loves to bake!

And then on Sunday night, it was my turn to take Smith on a date.  (Remember when Andrew took Kensington on one two weeks ago?)  Smith picked PF Changs for dinner, so here we are holding up our fortunes.

 On Monday, my books hit shores nationwide!  Woohoo!  After the gym, Ashby and I met Andrew, my parents and Sean at Barnes and Noble to celebrate followed by lunch after.  

And then Ashby came home and asked for a nap in my bed.  How can I resist that face?!  I can't :).

This kid would sit here and work on Legos all day long if I let him.  After school, we hit the park, did homework and then he worked, worked, worked the rest of the night...only pausing for dinner :).

While Smith worked on Legos, the girls worked on their "library".

So, that's life lately!

On my foodie blog's not a recipe, it's a reminder...

Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gluten Allergies and G-Free Recipes!

Well, we all know Meagan, right? My super sweet friend who is currently fostering to adopt.  You can read both posts about her family's journey fostering here.

When I called Meagan at the end of December and asked her if she would share her fostering story with us, I also asked her to share one other story as well, about her family's gluten allergy.  

Meagan and her family run a completely g-free house due to the fact that her six year old son Fount has a severe gluten allergy that he was diagnosed with as a baby.  I thought it would be good for Meagan to share for several reasons...first of all, as a mom to a baby...Meagan had to turn to social media to get Fount correctly diagnosed, so perhaps there is someone out there right now who has a baby and you just can't figure out what's going on...maybe your kiddo has a gluten allergy???  I just know this post might help someone.  

The second thing is that I know so many of you have gluten-free homes, so Meagan's insight and recipes (hint, hint she makes my recipes g-free!) might be helpful too.

Here is Meagan sharing their story...

Hi, friends! I’m Shay’s friend, Meagan, and I am thrilled to be with you again today. My family and I live a predominately gluten-free life. Southern born and raised, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my grandmother, making homemade biscuits to learning things like: “Never forget to save bacon grease because it makes all things better.” Amen.  So, with that being my background, how in the world is my family gluten-free???...Well, my son Fount, who is now six, had major eating issues when he was born. He had a protein allergy and had to be on a special formula…He had reflux. Oh, did he have reflux…When we started solids, he started breaking out in tiny red bumps on his face, tummy, backs of his arms, and the backs of his legs. These eventually turned into whelps. They never went away, but would flair up at certain times. I used Aveeno (Oat) Body Wash and Aveeno (Oat) Sunscreen, so he was flaring up at most meals, when we would go outside, and after bath. Looking back, I should have put two and two together, but I didn’t.  It just breaks my heart. At 9 months, after repeatedly going to the doctor and being told that it was either a heat rash or eczema, I decided to listen to my mama gut and reach out to the facebook world and low and behold, a friend of a friend contacted me and basically told me the answer I had been searching for: My son had a gluten allergy.  My sweet, smiling boy who always reached for fruits and veggies over everything else, did so because gluten was hurting him. It took one full month for Fount’s skin to clear up. I bathed him, head to toe, in Dove’s Sensitive bar soap and read every book I could find on gluten and becoming gluten-free. I rearranged my pantry and fridge to prevent cross contamination. I bought labels, allergy stickers, and made it a habit to read ingredients. Needless to say, our life completely changed. Over the years, Fount’s allergy has gotten worse. We carry an Epi-Pen and Benadryl everywhere we go. He’ll never be able to eat gluten- ever, but that doesn’t mean he has to miss out. Instead of staying overwhelmed, I decided that sticking to what I know and giving it a gluten-free twist, was something I could totally do.

We have a large family and I can’t possibly be a short order cook. The kids usually have a choice at lunchtime, but at dinner, we serve one meal and it is always gluten-free. At first, I thought we would have to over-haul our diet completely, but instead, I've learned that we can still use our favorite recipes and just tweak them to be gluten-free.

Sweet Fount.

This is Shay again :).

So...Meagan gave her son Fount my new cookbooks and asked him to pick a cake and an entree for them to make for you guys to show you how easy it is to turn it gluten-free.

Just look...
 ...Beef Enchiladas...

...and Mississippi Mud Cake.  

Let's all pause and give Fount credit for picking a very yummy supper. #smartkid

Sadie and Fount

Over on my foodie blog today, Meagan has mapped out exactly how to turn both of these recipes gluten-free.  It's easy!  If you want to see pics of all of the ingredients plus the recipes, click here.

Sadie, Holden and Fount

If you know any gluten-free families, share this with them too.  And if you are a mama or know a mama whose child has similar symptoms as Fount...maybe it's time you look into gluten as the culprit.

See the yummy recipes here.

Happy Wednesday friends!

And thank you Meagan for sharing about both fostering and gluten allergies.  You are one of my very favorite mamas out there!

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