Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's Fri-Day!  Yay!!

Erika and I left the house at 4:45 this morning and headed to the airport.  We are flying into Nashville just in time for the dotMom Conference to start this morning.  We are so excited about being there!  

Of course, today I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci and sharing my favorite things from the week.  I kept a little list on my phone this week of things that stood out to me as my faves...a random hot mess of things :). 

I did my Overnight Guest post this week and was so excited to read all of your comments!  You girls gave so many great ideas and suggestions for having overnight guests!  If you're having guests this fall or holiday season, you should read back through the post and catch all of the comments.  Thank you so much to everyone that shared!!

Andrea did an excellent post yesterday on parenting.  She and I have had appoximately 8,592 conversations on potty training (because it was difficult in both of our homes), so I'm so glad she shared her story!  You can read it here.  My story is this, Kensington acted ready to be potty trained and so we began...but she clearly wasn't and I should have gone back to diapers but I didn't (because as a first time mama, I didn't know any better)...and it ended up just making things more difficult on everyone.  Hindsight is a beautiful thing...too bad it didn't help me potty train K ;).

Last Friday, I talked about how much I love Vince Camuto at Nordstrom and apparently, you guys do too!  I had so many sweet comments and emails about how you love his shoes because they have a great fit, you love his tops because they wear so well...lots of positive feedback!  

I had several of you email me that my black leather booties are no longer available...

...but I did see that they're still available in grey and they're also available in black suede...

...these are identical to my leather ones, just suede :).  If you missed the first pair, I think you'll love the suede too!

  I was bummed because the navy and red zip front shirts are sold out (the black zip front shirt is still available in all sizes) until a lovely reader named Alice emailed me about these brand new Vince Camuto Zip Front Shirts that apparently just came out and are available in five new colors :).

Thank you Alice!!  To see all five colors click here.

And for grins, here are a few other Vince Camuto shoes and tops that are really cute too...

Smith and I went grocery shopping the other day and I came home with all of favorite part of this picture is the 101 comments from you guys on Instagram telling me how excited this stuff makes you too :).  I  just love that!  I love sharing my silly happiness over creamer and junk food with people that get it like you. XO  

In two weeks, I'm doing a Shade of Shay Part 2 on my love of scarves...because it's true love!  I've been scoring some super cute scarves lately...

Apparently this year, I'm all about the plaid...

I'm totally in love with this plaid one.  It's soft, cozy and infinity...I have a feeling you'll be seeing me wear it in almost every picture this fall and winter.  

And when you're not seeing me in this one, you'll be seeing me in one of these...I ordered the second one this week and I know I'm going to love it...

Won't these be so cute for the holidays?!?!  People...I am SCARF OBSESSED!  Such an easy accessory to throw on this time of year.  Click here to see a ton of cute scarves for under $25!

And on my foodie blog Pumpkin Waffles.  These are the perfect weekend breakfast or brunch!

Have a great Friday friends!!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

#shayeveryday2014 Week 37

Well, this was certainly a BIG week in the Shull house!  With Kensington's birthday, we celebrated all week long.  Such special memories for my little family.  (And make sure you read the entire post!  There is a giveaway at the end!!)

Day 253: This was the last hot day of the year (at least that was predicted...let's hope it's true!), so Erika and I took the boys swimming.  I love this little guy so much!

Day 254: September 11th

Day 255: I don't take it for granted that Kensington had all four grandparents at her school on Grandparents Day.  She is one blessed little girl.

Day 256: Kensington's British Bash!!  We had so much fun at her sixth birthday party!

Day 257: Her last day as a five year old. :)

Day 258: Happy birthday Kensington!  My sweet baby girl turned SIX on this day!

On her special day, Andrew, Smith and I ate lunch with her at school, Andrew was the "volunteer dad" of the day and read books to her class along with doing some other volunteer work, and then right after school, we hosted 7 of her friends for a little swimming/cupcake party.  After her friends left at five, we took showers and ate pizza.  It the perfect day :). 

Lunch at school with my girl :)

Blowing out her birthday candle with friends at her pool party!

My friend Emily made her another batch of Sugar Cookie topped Cupcakes :). 

When I went to kiss her goodnight, she and puppy had their eye masks on...I laughed out loud!  She slept like this all night long.

And the next night too :).

Day 259: Mama's boy.  I just love him to pieces.

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Yesterday, Stella & Dot launched two new bracelets that support Breast Cancer Awareness...

...100% of the net proceeds of the Strength and Inspire bracelets go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for women's cancer research and creating awareness for the importance of early detection).

And if you shop my trunk show, you are eligible for this great deal too...

Today, I'm giving away both bracelets to one lucky winner!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below!

And on the foodie blog... Sausage and Potato Chowder!

So yummy and simple too!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kensington's British Bash!

On Saturday, we celebrated Kensington's 6th birthday with her family party and this year's theme was Kensington's British Bash!

 I can't believe it took me six parties to come up with this theme?  It was made for us!  Of course my friend Amy made us the perfect sign that will now hang on my birthday wall inside :).  
(At this time, Amy does not want to sell her signs to the public, she likes to just make them for close family and friends.  I will let you know if that ever changes!)

We hung our Union Jacks and were ready to go!  And yes, in hindsight, I realize that one of the flags is upside down...but on busy party day, it's hard to catch every little detail!

The weather was drizzly and in the high 50s on this was like the Lord gave me London weather for our party :).

My excited little birthday girl ready for her Bash!  Andrea found this dress online...isn't it so cute?!?  It was perfect for the party!

It was bright for our selfie...but we did it any way.  We love this little girl so very much!

 Our guests arrived in their best hats!

 I love how festive my family is!  They make every party so much fun!!

And of course, we voted Papa Jay for the best dressed award :).

Disclaimer...I do a horrible job taking pictures during the party.  I'm usually too busy having fun and enjoying our party that I forget to snap pics...I got some but not a million.

In our foyer, we had their little treats to take home and a big Union Jack sign (Amy also made that) that is now hanging in Smith's room.

 Andrea's business Slightly Askew Designs made the invites, food labels and mantle banner.  And then for party favors, everyone got to take home a few of these delicious cookies!  

Erika's cousin Whitney started making iced sugar cookies about a year ago and it absolutely knocks my socks off how talented she is!  She lives in Missouri but I asked if she could ship some to me...and they were not only delicious, they're gorgeous too!

Look how perfect they are!

If you haven't noticed, I really love supporting other women and their businesses!  I love that my super talented friends like Amy, Andrea, Whitney and Emily (you'll see her cupcakes in minute) can be a part of my party.  I love supporting their businesses and in turn, my parties are even more creative and fabulous than I could ever make them on my own.

My guests loved their cookie favors!  Thank you Whitney!!

She was so excited about her party!

My friend Emily makes these extraordinary cupcakes.  Just when I thought a cupcake couldn't be improved...Emily goes and sticks an iced sugar cookie on top.  Hello genius.

Not only did they look beautiful, they tasted absolutely delicious!!

Eeks!  The cuteness just kills me!

Thank you Emily for always making me the cutest cupcakes!  I'm always so impressed with every batch you create!  If you live in the North Texas area, you should totally ask Emily to make cupcakes for your celebration...they are so good!!

Other than yummy cupcakes, our menu was as follows:
English Breakfast Tea
Bangers and Mash
English Peas
Scones with Jam
Fish and Chips

I made up a little coffee bar area for our guests.

Plus, some good old English Breakfast Tea.

Ale everyone can enjoy ;)

If you don't know what Bangers and Mash is it's a very common British lunch or supper of sausages and mashed potatoes.  We grilled 4 different types of sausages and then I made a mashed potato casserole (recipe coming soon to my foodie blog!).

I steamed up some English Peas as a side...

...and of course, we had Fish and Chips ;).

For a little something sweet, we had scones served with jam.

The birthday girl loved her British lunch!  (I love how Smith is smiling in the background!)


Before we opened presents, we played a little British trivia game.  I looked up British monarchy questions, James Bond questions, basic English history questions and some British sports questions and then the winner was given English Toffee as a prize.  Let me just family's knowledge of British trivia is lacking!

Kensington was so sweet opening her presents.  She made me really proud :).

My big six year old!

And just like that, my baby turned six.

The British Birthday Bash was a HUGE success!  I know I say this every single year...but I think this was my favorite party!  The weather, the food, the theme, the fun hats, the sweet family and the precious birthday girl made everything so special.

If you missed Kensington's other birthday parties, you can catch them here...

And today on my foodie blog...a new series is just so much fun...

...Kelly over at Kelly's Korner shared with me her very favorite September recipe and I mixed and matched it!  Two recipes, one method...both super simple!


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