Thursday, October 8, 2015

Life Lately.

I love October's life lately pics :).  

Pumpkins, Oktoberfest, food and fun!  My favorite time of year!!

Here we are celebrating October 1st!  Woohoo!

On Friday, we went to Canton with Erika and Bowen.  Canton is this amazing outdoor flea market type thing in East Texas. It's like too cool for words :).  If you've read my blog for any amount of time, then you know how much I heart Canton.  The food, the stuff, the junk (that has the potential of being turned into a treasure)...I love all of it.  This was Ashby's first trip to Canton.  And just for grins... is 3 week old Kensington at Canton for the first time...

...and 2 week old Smith :).  (Andrew looks less than thrilled to be there!  Ha!)

I had such a good time with this girl!  We sipped coffee as we looked, we ate massive stuffed baked potatoes and pie and shopped.  We had so much fun!

 We were trying to take a selfie with sleeping Bowen (he was passed out in his stroller) when bam!  His eyes opened and he gave me the death stare of "stop bothering me while I sleep".

After Canton, I picked up the big kids at school and we headed to dinner with Andrew.  Mexican food and Friday nights just go together.

We stopped for fro-yo after dinner too :).

On Saturday, we met my parents and grandparents at a pumpkin patch.  For those of you who are local, it's Hall's Pumpkin Farm.  Here go my three into the corn maze.  

Grandmother, mother, daughter.  I'm so blessed to have all three.

Being the Shull man that he is, Smith was drawn to the tractor.  His PawPaw is a the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


I just love these two!!

So, that was how we spent our Saturday.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed to Oktoberfest and spent our Saturday night there...

This girl had the best time at Oktoberfest!

Three generations :).

The big kids rode everything they could...about a dozen times.

Smith loved the swings...

...and Ashby did too!

Three Shull kids in a train...

...and three Shull kids on a ferris wheel.

Ice cream after dinner!

Ashby loves a push up pop!

And then they slid...


And this is how we Saturday night :).

After church on Sunday, we took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania 2 and we all loved it!

This week, we celebrated our 9 month anniversary with this little pumpkin :).  If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Smith's little baseball team is so cute.  Here they are about to sing the National Anthem.  Smith is second from the end.  These boys are all so sweet!

My Tuesday morning breakfast date.  I'm pretty sure she couldn't be any cuter if she tried ;).

That's life lately!

For dinner tonight, a spooky treat for your Halloween month!  It's my Brunswick Stew...

...and it's such a great (and simple!) supper for your family!  I don't know why but when I think Brunswick Stew, I think October.  You won't believe how simple this recipe is.  Click here to see it.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday: Mad About Plaid

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for her weekly What I Wore Wednesday...and let's face it, after I gathered the pics of what I've been wearing lately, everything had the same theme.  Apparently, I'm...

Yup.  It's borderline embarrassing :).  Every pic I have of me from last week is in PLAID!  Y'all...I might need an intervention.

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know that I love pinning fall and winter style...

...and among other things...there's a lot of plaid :).

Today my What I Wore Wednesday post is all about plaid shirts (and even a plaid lipstick!)...and then next week, plaid scarves.  

Here are a few things about today's post...

1. There is a lot of plaid in it.
2. Some might think I have plaid issues and should seek some sort of plaid therapy ASAP.
3. Some might be correct in that.
4. Some of this stuff is new from this season and some of it is from past years...thankfully, stores like J Crew and Gap tend to put out the same stuff each season, so even if I bought it last year or the year before, there is the same item back out this year.
5. If you're not a plaid person, I apologize in advance.

 I'm drawn to plaid every fall because it's cozy, it's colorful, it layers well, you can roll the sleeves up, keep them down, wear it with jeans, wear it with a skirt, wear it with solids and even wear it with's plaid and it just works for me in the fall.  Here's what I wore last week...and let's face it, today, I'm wearing plaid too.

I'm going to go ahead and throw gingham into my plaid category.  Gingham/plaid/same effect, no?  J Crew has my favorite gingham shirts! These are cotton (not flannel), so they're light and very easy to layer (keep scrolling to see this shirt layered).  I love the navy gingham, but it comes in several different colors too.  For a size reference, I buy 0 in these shirts (they size from 000 to 16).

This is a Gap boyfriend shirt that is at least two years old.  Some of my favorite shirts to buy at Gap are the boyfriend style button ups.  I've washed and dried this one a million times and it still looks great!  I think they run a titch big, so I always get an XS when I buy one.  They have some really cute colors out right now too...especially for the holiday season!

And if you're mad about flannel...(who doesn't love flannel?!?!)...then my favorite flannel plaid shirts can be found at J Crew. They're just so soft!  Flannel shirt, black pants, leopard pumps...happy, happy, happy!

This plaid is pink and blue :).  I hate to play favorites, but this one might be mine.  It's super soft, fits really well and the color is so pretty in person.  For a size reference, I bought an XS.

I layered another J Crew flannel under my J Crew sweater.  These sweaters are my VERY VERY favorite!  This one right here is several years old.  I have this sweater in like five different colors (bought over the last five years).  I love that this sweater is light because it makes it great for layering underneath...and then when the weather isn't cool, I'll just pair this light sweater with a tank underneath.  These are my J Crew Toothpick jeans that I wear all the time and then I'm smitten with these brown booties.

In the sweaters, I wear a small.  In the flannels, a 0.  The jeans are 26 and the booties are true to size (so an 8 for me).

I wore my flannel later that day without the sweater :).

Hey look!  Same gingham shirt from the first pic and with my green J Crew sweater on top for church :).  Again, this sweater is several years old but thankfully, J Crew keeps making them (in 15 different colors!).

My skirt is super old from Loft but my booties can be found here (they are insanely comfy!).

Do you see my pretty lip color here?  It's called pink plaid :).

After church, I swapped my skirt and booties for jeans and flats and we took the kids to see a movie.  

And while we're on plaid...

This is me from last year in my J Crew plaid vest :).  They have it out again this year in navy and white.  For the love of plaid :).

And since we're on J Crew vests...and's another peek at my favorite fall outfit from last week...with a plaid shirt underneath :).

#5: Fall plaid button ups (in so many great patterns!)

For all of the details on that post, see it here.

Whew!  That's what I wore Wednesday pretty much every day.

On my foodie blog tonight...

If you've never tried pumpkin in a savory dish, then now is the time.  Pumpkin pairs so well with sausage and makes an excellent fall supper :).

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Our First Jobs

Happy Show & Tell Tuesday!

I'm linking up with Andrea today and sharing mine and Andrew's first jobs.

Well, technically my very first job also happened to be my very favorite job.  I was a babysitter :). 

 Y'all...I loved babysitting!  I've been a little mama since birth, so taking care of kiddos was always my favorite way to spend my time (and make some money too).

When I was fourteen, I officially babysat for the first time.  One of my mom's clients had a six month old little boy who I watched.  His name was Ethan and it was love at first sight :).  

 After I had been watching Ethan for several months, his mom made a comment to my mom about how she used to teach swim lessons when she was a teenager and one of her favorite babies to teach was a little baby named Shay...and my mom kind of freaked out and grabbed my baby book and low and behold...there was a picture of one year old me at swim lessons with this cute teenage girl...who was Lori (the mama!).  What are the odds?!?!  So, that kind of cemented in our minds that this relationship was meant to last.  

This is me with Ellie Kate and Ethan on his first day of pre-school.

 I attended family weddings with them.  Their family became my family too.

 No matter how many classes I took or other jobs I had, I always spent time with them.

 I mean...who could blame me?  Look how cute they are!

 I even went to Disney World with them :).  

I took care of these two kiddos until I was 22 and got married.  And of course, they were my flower girl and ring bearer :).

 And then when I became a mama myself, sweet Lori helped teach Kensington how to swim.  It was the circle of life :).

 Six days before I had Smith, we went to a Cowboys game with them.  I'm not pictured here because I was 9 months pregnant and smart enough not to take pics of myself :).

And here we are at the zoo with Smith and Kensington.  Look how big Ethan and Ellie are!

And this is Lori.  She is more than someone who used to pay me to babysit.  She's my dearest, sweetest, closest friend...she's family (her and her husband too). 

Today, Ethan is 19 and away at college and Ellie is 16.  It's hard to believe my babies have grown up!

Several random facts about this "job"...

1. When I went to college, my university was actually only 15 minutes from their, I basically semi moved in with them because I enjoyed their company (and I'm pretty sure they enjoyed mine too).  It was really convenient to watch the kids, pick them up from school, stop by for a good meal and often a really good chat...usually about boys.

2. Tom and Lori both have radio/journalism backgrounds, so when I told them I wanted to major in journalism, they were my biggest cheerleaders.  They even taught me how to do the best "walk and talk" for one of my classes.  You know...when you are moving but reading a news story at the same time.  We laugh about this a lot now!  I'm a walk and talk pro thanks to them :).

3. Ethan and Ellie are both adopted.  Spending the past 19 years watching this family has been one of the biggest inspirations and preparations for me as a future adoptive mama.  At a very young age, this family taught me what "family" means. 

I could go on and on and on about how valuable and special my time with this family was.  Outside of my own two parents, no other people made a bigger impact on my young life than them.

So...that was my first "job"...and my favorite too :).

I asked Andrew what his first job was and he kind of rolled his eyes...he grew up on a farm (where his parents still live today) he said it was working in the hay fields.  I'm sure he was like four ;). When Andrew talks about growing up on a farm, it sounds like a lot of manual labor at a very young age :).

Next time on Show & Tell Tuesdays, we're sharing Halloween costumes from years past.

  And to see posts from the past...
(I was in China for the first two, so I wasn't able to participate.)

And for dinner tonight...

It's a bowl of soup that tastes like a chicken and spinach enchilada with sour cream sauce.  And it's oh so simple too!  To see the recipe, click here.

Happy Tuesday!
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