Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!

Along with my friends Andrea, Erika and Narci, I'm linking up and sharing my favorite things this Friday!

Well who knew that you guys were experts with chalkboards?  (And bloody guys are experts about that too!)  Last week, I asked for ideas on how to clean off my chalkboards and you guys offered up a wealth of suggestions in the comment section. The most popular recommendations were:
1. Magic Erasers (the #1 recommendation!)
2. Windex
3. Soda
4. Water and Vinegar

And then on Wednesday, I mentioned how Ashby gets bloody noses quite frequently and you offered up the suggestions on that too!
1. Humidifier
2. Vaseline inside the nostrils before bed
3. Saline nose spray

Thank you so much for the suggestions!  I love this little blog community so much :).  As for my quote...I wanted to erase my board with my Magic Eraser so you could see how well it worked but I didn't have anything to really write on it, so I told Smith that he could pick a quote as I read them from my Pinterest board...and when I read him this one, he laughed and laughed and laughed!  He thought this was the funniest quote :). 

 All right...another question.  What do you guys think about the Fitbit?  I have a few friends that love, love, love them...but they're not cheap, so I really want to make sure they're worth the investment before I buy one.  I know that some days, I'm not as active as others...and I hear this is a really good way to gauge my activity...but I'd love to know the thoughts of you guys that might have one.  Please comment with your Fitbit opinions! 

Last week, I talked about Stella & Dot...and this week, my new bracelet arrived...

...I had the coordinates for Xi'an, China engraved on it.  That's where Ashby is from :).
(The other two bracelets are Stella & Dot too.  Chain here and Anchor Cuff here.)

Yesterday, I added this to my post later in the morning but in case you missed it...Loft is having their 40% Friends and Family sale right now!  All three of these tops are now 40% off...

(I bought smalls in all three.)


I wish I could take credit for this...but Kensington taught her :).  Andrew was not impressed.

And the other morning, I decided to make Cinnamon Roll Cups for my kiddos...

...and they were a HUGE hit!  You should make these this weekend!  Recipe here.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Lately.

Apparently, I was picture happy this last week because I took like 8 million pictures.  I apologize in advance for this lengthy life lately :).

We've been busy doing puzzles together...

...chasing bubbles together...

...Smith has been getting his strength training on at the gym...

...Ashby thinks it's hysterical...

...we've watched Smith play baseball...

...and we had THE BEST time at Ebby Lee's birthday party!  Erika gave Ebby Lee a set amount of invitations for friends and she insisted that Ashby get her own.  Isn't that sweet?  She really wanted Ashby to know she was included.

My sweet Cinderella (looking up at someone else when I snapped the pic).  She had THE BEST time too!

Her fancy bow hair!

Ashby didn't want to put on a costume but she loved making the jewelry.  She was really proud of her bracelets.

Love. Her.

Three sweet girlies!

Doing the Hokey Pokey!

I mean...come on...she was in heaven with these big girls!

At the end, they do a runway walk :).

Kensington slept in her fancy hair and wore it to school the next day.  Here we are walking to school.  I asked her to show me her TGIF face.  She nailed this one...and these too...

...if I could freeze time and live these days over and over again I would.  I just love my kiddos' ages right this very minute :).

Kensington's teacher texted me this picture that morning.  Apparently, they were learning about worms :).

Ashby's first ponytail!!

On Saturday morning, the boys went fishin', so the girls did some front porch sittin'.  The weather was just too nice to be inside!

Later, we attended our town's Art Festival.  Smith got a glitter tatoo...

...and Kensington had her face painted.

So proud of their new body art :).

We left the Art Festival and went to Kensington's school's carnival.  See my kids racing to the top?  They had so much fun together!

I was proud of Smith because he really wanted to ride this spinning thing.  No one else wanted to do it with him (for fear of throwing up on that thing!), so he asked a first grader if he would do it with him and they did :).

Ashby was all about the fishing!

And the duck game...

...and the bowling...

And Ashby loved throwing the baseball with her Daddy.

Kensington's teacher's hubby made the kids balloon animals.  My girls had pink poodles.

This was lunch on Sunday afternoon :).

And late afternoon bike riding with my littlest.

My heart is so full when I look at this sweet girl.

The girls played on the playground until well past bedtime.

We have a creek that runs through our property and usually, it's pretty calm and low.  Well, thanks to flash flooding and torrential down-pouring, it was moving the other day!  I took this picture out a window and then walked back across the house and saw this...

...Andrew in his business clothes with the pool equipment getting the neighbor's chair unstuck from the creek.  Sigh.  I would have changed clothes first...but maybe that's just me.

Tuesday was a full day!  Ashby and I had lunch with my oldest and dearest friend Kara :).

I've known Kara since the sixth grade and we went to college together.  Love her!!

And my night ended with dinner on our square with these lovely ladies.

Whew!  Love a full week like that with my babies, my hubby and my girlfriends!

And whether you need a recipe for breakfast. brunch or Roasted Tomato Quiche will work!

Click here to see the recipe.

And hey, hey!  Look what I just saw this morning...

Eeks!  It's Loft's 40% off Sale!!  Everything in store is 40% off!!  Check out my three favorite tops (I bought smalls in all 3)...
1. Blue Floral
2. Sleeveless Stripe
3. Ikat Blouse

Happy Thursday!
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