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Five Days of Fabulous: Barrington Bags & Town Squares

It's Day TWO of mine and Sheaffer's Five Days of Fabulous!

Insert me doing this here...

I'm so excited!!

And today, we have something really special...wait for it...wait for it...are you ready?  

Day TWO...

...you and SEVEN of your friends and family will each get to design a Savannah or St. Anne tote from Barrington Bags. They can be leather, they can be patterned, they can be striped...they can be any type each lady wants.  


You could gift one to your coworkers, your cousins, your neighbors...to anyone you want!  In order to win, enter the Rafflecopter below!  The winner will be announced tomorrow when we give away even more prizes!!



And...if you haven't checked out Barrington Bags, now is the time!  They make excellent gifts (and you should probably get one for yourself too!).  And right now, Barrington has given us a promo code for 10% off your purchase between now and Friday!  

Promo code is MAMASAVE10!

I love my St. Anne tote :).  Remember back when I showed you guys this pic...

...all of my fall favorites.  Well, my tote was one of them!

2: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

Enter the Rafflecopter below to enter to win these 

And don't forget, the promo code is MAMASAVE10.

Okay, so...each year, we kick off the Christmas season the weekend after Thanksgiving by visiting both our town square and my parents'.  This is one of our very favorite traditions and we look forward to it all year long...and this year...it rained!  


 It rained and rained and was downright cold.  (Insert our family's ugly cry here.)  But...because the Christmas spirit will not be stolen from us, we attempted to see both squares on Friday and Saturday...because come rain or shine, the Shull/Lowe family loves to keep up with tradition!

On Friday afternoon, we dove to my parents' house, picked them up and then headed to their square.  The bonus to the yucky weather is that it wasn't crowded.  It's typically very crowded.  That being said, every single person who was there that day was either crammed into Starbucks or the Apple Store ;).  We bundled up, we brought our umbrellas and we made the most of it!

Crammed in Starbucks with the entire city of Southlake :).

My babies and me waiting for our drinks...hot cocoa and coffee is always a part of our Christmas traditions!

We took our drinks to my happy place...Williams-Sonoma.  Hello tins of peppermint chocolate goodness.

Nothing can stop this girl from smiling!

A selfie with my sweetie :).

And...I had a lot of questions about this scarf when I posted the top pic on Instagram over the weekend.  You can find it here in three different colors.

 Another bonus to yucky weather...you can walk right into the restaurants this time of year and get a table.  Mexican food warmed us up!  (Ashby loves her Papa Jay!)

This is mom and me trying to take a pic with a five year old boy.

 After dinner, we pulled back up in front of my parents' house and dropped them off.  Isn't it pretty?!?!

The next morning, my kids spent several hours building their "skyscraper" out of boxes.  

They were so pleased with their masterpiece.  (Those are icicles hanging off the end.) 


After a cozy morning, my parents drove up around 1:30 so we could all attempt our town square.  Now, our town square really goes all out with a huge festival the weekend after Thanksgiving...but thanks to two days of non-stop rain and the temp in the 30s...I would say that only about 20% of the vendors were there when we showed up.  We persevered and had fun any way!

My big, middle and little :).

They usually have a hill of snow for sledding...but, it had been taken down the day before and only some snow remained.  My kids had a snowball fight.

The snow hadn't melted because it was COLD!

We warmed up with coffee and pie at The Pantry after our time in the snow.

True story...way back when I was in middle school, my family and I started making the 45 minute drive from our home in Irving up to McKinney to shop the square and eat specifically at The Pantry.  Going to McKinney was always a big deal because we loved their square.  We continued this tradition through high school, college and even after Andrew and I were married, I took him and his parents there.  Well, after our first year of marriage when Andrew and I moved back from Detroit, he told me he thought McKinney would be the perfect place for us to put down roots, plant our business and start a family.  I was like, but all I know about McKinney is their square and The Pantry and he was like...well, we like that, I bet we'll like all of it.  So...10 years ago, we moved to McKinney where I literally only knew of the square and The Pantry and now, it's home.  Even after living in Irving, TX my entire life, no place has ever felt more like home than McKinney...and as you can see, we still eat at The Pantry...a lot :).  

Pie girls squared.

And pssssst, this scarf can be found here :).

Shull five in front of Mom and Popcorn.  We love McKinney!

I was trying to take a selfie with him...and he surprised me ;).

My girl and me.

Another bonus to bad weather...we walked right into the petting zoo.

These two.

I love my dad.

The Grinch was there, so we stopped for pics!

I have a feeling that I might be sitting in Santa's lap this year too...Ashby was not interested in sitting there by herself.

A lot is going on here...but a few things to note: do you see Ashby singing into her fake microphone (a.k.a. her hand)?  They play music along the square and these three started dancing to a Christmas song...well, Ashby has watched enough Home Alone this season that she was singing like he does right after he gets out of the shower and he's singing The Drifter's White Christmas.  Smith is dancing and Kensington is singing her little heart out.  Love these three.

It was cold, it was wet, but it was fun!

Another Christmas tradition in the books!

Our recipe of the day today...

You can package this up and give it away as a gift...or you can make a big batch and enjoy it one night with White Christmas and your family.  Either way, make a big batch because this stuff goes fast!

So, let's recap our Five Days of Fabulous:
Day 1: Uggs for you and 4 friends plus my 25 Days of Christmas Treats
Day 2: Barrington bags for you and 7 friends and my Gingersnap Toffee Christmas Crunch

Enter to win today's prizes below.  Good luck friends!

In order to win, you must enter the Rafflecopter below!  
There are several ways to enter each day, and if you don't have any forms of social media, you can still get points for following both blogs by e-mail! The winner for today's prize will be announced tomorrow morning when we give away our next prize. And we promise you the giveaways are going to just get even bigger and better as the week goes on!
  This contest is open to US residents only.
Winners have 48 hours to claim their prizes.  If a prize is not claimed, another winner will be chosen.

And the winner of yesterday's prize is...


Congratulations Sarah!!  I emailed you this morning!  You have 48 hours to email me back and claim your prize of 5 pairs of Ugg boots!!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Five Days of Fabulous: Uggs and Missouri!

Are you ready?  Are you sitting down?  Are you excited?  Because we are!!!!!!!!

Sheaffer and I have been working on our 5 Days of Fabulous since this summer and we are so beyond thrilled to share it with you!  Every day this week, we are giving away one fabulous item to you and then additional items for you to share with your friends or family!  That's right, one winner will receive multiple prizes!  And they're not just kind of good prizes...they are FABULOUS prizes!  Every day, the prizes build...and friends...THEY GET SPECTACULAR!

We really should have been Santa.  Or Oprah.  We just love this gift giving so much!

This is how I feel right this second...

'Tis the season for gift giving!

Okay, prize number one is one of my faves.  Are you ready?   Here we go...prize number one is...

...that's right!  You and four of your friends and/or family will win a pair of Uggs!  Eeks!!!  You and four of your girlfriends will each get to pick out a pair of Uggs from Nordstrom $200 or under per item.  Boots, booties, slippers...you girls pick! 

 I mean... you know how much I love my Uggs...

...I bought these Uggs the year I had Kensington...so waaaay back in 2008.  And as you can see, even my little ones love Uggs too :).

(See my leggings here.)

I bought these Uggs last year and wear them all.the.time.  I love how I can wear them up (like here) or roll them down too.

(See my leggings, teevest)

And friends, you've heard me talk about my new Ugg house shoes from this year now approximately 1,563,844 times.  I love them.  They are the perfect Christmas gift! 

Me plus my new cute pajamas plus my house shoes equals dressed for Christmas morning :).

So, today, you are entering to win a total of five pairs of Uggs...one pair for you and four to give away as gifts this Christmas season.  See the Rafflecopter below to enter to win!

This is only day one!  We have 4 more fabulous days ahead!

And...before we get to our Thanksgiving pics, if you're a Cyber Monday shopper, you need to check out two things.  First, remember those sweaters from Loft that I keep talking about?  Here they are...
 These sweaters!  They come in 11 different colors.  Well, right now, EVERYTHING at Loft is 50% off with free shipping!



And then this one too...

...50% off and free shipping :).  Happy Cyber Monday!

Speaking of happy...we just took our first road trip as a family of five last week for Thanksgiving and had the BEST time!  This was Ashby's first time to be in the car longer than an hour, so we didn't know what to expect.  Here's what we learned...Ashby does not sleep in the car.  The other two kids were sound asleep (especially considering we drove home at night and didn't arrive until 11:15!)...but not Ashby, this girl was wide awake in the car.  She watched movies, played with her Kensington's purse and chatted with us.  

Here we go...Missouri bound baby!

Two parents, three kids and one dog all headed to Andrew's parents' house!

We stopped about 2.5 hours in for lunch.  The drive is six hours...so, we ate and then quickly got back on the road.

Psssst, I'm going to go ahead and tell you where some things are from because experience has told me, you will ask and this will just make things easier for you ;).  Vest//Plaid Shirt

My little sunshine :).

The other side of the table.  Those boys.  Smith was trying to have big monster eyes. #fiveyearoldboys

On the road again...I'm admiring both my festive nail polish (Comet Closer from OPI's new holiday line) and my McDonald's coffee.  Listen, there isn't a single Starbucks between the Texas border and Joplin, Missouri (at least the way we go, up through Oklahoma...we don't go through Tulsa), but the McDonald's coffee is exceptionally good :).  I'm also quite bored at this point...so, admiring nail polish and coffee gave me something to do :).

So, we arrived at Andrew's parents' house, unpacked a bit, hung out for a while and then drove back into town to have dinner at one of our very favorite spots...it's a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and my kids loooove Japanese food cooked on a Hibachi!

I love this boy :).  He's just so sweet!  (I mean...he can be a crazy boy...but he's always a sweet crazy boy).

(Psssst...scarf here)

The other side of the table...lots of people I love :).

I love their faces of anticipation for this...

...look at Kensington back there!  So funny!

She's like "look at that mommy!".

Girlfriend still knows how to handle her chopsticks!

This boy loves them too :).

Ahhhhh...back at the in-law's house with one of my mother-in-law's famous cookies and a book.  #happy

I've been coming to Andrew's parents' house for 13 years now and this was the first time to see Andrew's letter jacket from high school.  Somehow he found it in a box while looking through the closet and well, I mocked it profusely for all the patches ;).

I mean...obnoxious with the patches, right?!  I was teasing him...but seriously, that's a lot of high school right there on one jacket.  My kids thought it was hysterical :).

We went to sleep that night and then the next morning...
...I found myself snuggled on the couch with these two girls.

Wherever one goes, the other goes too.

So, I took a picture of this crocheted blanket because...I made it!  Back before we had kids, I was a crocheting fool!  I was constantly making blankets as gifts and my sweet mother-in-law still has one out :).  

The very first time I came to the farm, was Thanksgiving 2002.  A lot has changed over the last 13 years of visits...and I even love this guy more now than I did 13 years ago (and I loved him so much back then!).

Scarf here.

The Shull five headed out for the day :).

We love to visit Sandstone Gardens every time we're in Joplin.  Smith asked if he could take a picture with me.  Sweet boy.

Andrew forgot his coat at home and didn't realize it until about an hour into our road trip. #hescoldhere #shouldhavepackedbetter #thisiswhyialwayshavealist #justsaying 

What sound does a lion make? Roooooooooar!

One of our favorite stops is the candy house!


We headed back to the farm for a little bit in the afternoon...I drank more coffee, ate another cookie and watched Home Alone with my kiddos.

We drove back into town for dinner (this country living is all about driving back and forth from the farm to town...).  We tried out a Mexican restaurant and the Texans in the family all gave it two thumbs up!

We amused ourselves at their mall after dinner...

...we're easily amused.

On Thanksgiving morning, we snuggled some more...

...we checked out Nanny and PawPaw's cows...

...we took a picture on the porch...

...we danced a lot to the Macy's Parade...

...and we counted our blessings.

This was our first Thanksgiving as a family of five...and it couldn't have been better.  So thankful for my family this year more than ever.

Okay...now, hold on to your Uggs ladies because today, I'm sharing my

'Tis the season for as many easy, simple, festive and delicious holiday treats recipes as you can find...and I have them all.  Whether you need goodies to take to your kids' school, your office party, to give to your neighbors, to make for a party, or just to have at your house, here is my guide to simple Christmas desserts...one for every day between now and Christmas Day!  
You can see it here

And last but certainly not least...
In order to win today's prize, you must enter the Rafflecopter below!  
There are several ways to enter each day, and if you don't have any forms of social media, you can still get points for following both blogs by e-mail! The winner for today's prize will be announced tomorrow morning when we give away our next prize. And we promise you the giveaways are going to just get even bigger and better as the week goes on!
  This contest is open to US residents only.
Winners have 48 hours to claim their prizes.  If a prize is not claimed, another winner will be chosen.

And the winner of my $250 Black Friday Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway is...

Congratulations!  I have emailed you this morning.  You have 48 hours to email me back or the prize will be awarded to someone else.

Happy Monday friends!  

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