Monday, August 3, 2015

August Goals

I love that quote.  It's so true.  And because it's so true, I'm not going to make any goals for this month.  I'm going to enjoy my kids and their last few days of summer.  I'm going to start fresh with new goals on September 1, but for this month, I'm going to take it easy.

As for my July goals...'s what happened with them...

1. Write notes: I got out my note cards and sent some notes this last month.  I love receiving notes in the mail, so I wanted to send some this month.  This is a good habit that I need to keep all year long.  You know, even if it's just one note a month...that's 12 notes a year to people I love.  That's very doable.

2. Invite families to dinner: We had one family over for dinner and then one family over for lunch. Summertime meals with friends are some of my favorite moments of the year!

3. Begin Christmas shopping: I have three words for you...Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I hit it hard and got several gifts for people in my life!  Come December, I'm going to be super excited that I have these things tucked away!

4. Pray for others: I've been blogging now for 8 years and I don't think any post has been as meaningful to me as the one when I asked for prayer requests.  Oh how I've prayed.  I've prayed and cried this month over prayers more than any other time in my life.  Not only have I prayed, but I know so many of you have too.  I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this community of ladies. You are so faithful, so sweet, so caring and so sincere.  I'm going to continue praying for these requests indefinitely.  You all have a special place in my heart.

5. Walk 5 miles a week (extra): Yeah, well this didn't happen.  I walked every week but not five miles.  I was going to prayer walk (you know...pray as I walk), but it didn't happen as often as I would have liked.  Instead, I prayed the most early in the morning while my kiddos were still asleep.

6. Back to school shop: Yes!  I started with shoes for my kids and then got them backpacks too.  I still need to get them a few new things to wear but shoes and backpacks were my first priority!  (I got them Pottery Barn Kids small backpacks...Kensington loved hers last year!)

That wraps up July.  If you want to add your prayer request to my post, you can see it here.

It's Monday...

...and I have your meal planning already done for you!  Five simple suppers for you this week!  Click here to see.

Happy August!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Fri-day!


I'm linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika today and sharing my favorite things from the week.

So, my back to school Pottery Barn Kids catalog came in the mail this week...and I immediately texted Andrea so that we could have a moment together.  Listen, it might have been 101 degrees when I walked to the mailbox and pulled this baby out, but as soon as I saw the cover, it felt 40 degrees cooler.

Speaking of me having a moment...

I am obsessed with this silk shirt.  It comes in 9 different colors and I'm in love... 

...true love.

You can see all 9 colors here.

Well, I'm not even going to pretend that this doesn't make me happy...

...Fuller House (yeah, a spin off on Full House) just began filming.  I follow Candace Cameron Bure on Instagram and loved this picture :).  I'm a child of the 80s and 90s...I'm totally excited to watch this.


And did you know that Monday is National Watermelon Day?  Well in honor of such an important date (ha!), I thought we should celebrate with a watermelon weekend... should make my Watermelon Cupcakes :).

Have the best weekend!

I'll see you guys on Monday with my August Goals!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Life Lately.

Happy happy Thursday!

 It's like pre-Friday, right?  It's pretty much Friday.  It's basically Saturday.  Enjoy :).

Andrea got the girlies matching swimsuits.  I cute are they in their monograms?!?!

 We're hot, we dirty, some of us are in our pajamas (because after swimming, they love to put on their pjs), we're up past our bedtime and we're at the snow cone place. 'Tis summer!

The night before our sweet girl's MRI.  She wasn't allowed to eat after 10:00 PM and wouldn't be able to eat again until 6:00 PM the next day (it was actually closer to 8 because she didn't feel great and was nauseous).  We let her stay up late and eat scrambled eggs and watch Mickey Mouse.

About ready for her MRI.  Ashby loves her daddy :).

 Andrew was giving me a hard time for over packing for her MRI.  Hello?  We were there alllll day long!  I'm like a Boy Scout...I try to always be prepared!

The day after her MRI, she woke up happy and back to her cheery self!  We headed out to have a fun Friday!

We watched a movie and had popcorn on Friday night.  The movie looks intense, right?  #itwasn't

Saturday morning baking!

My best accessory at the grocery was on the end of my cart. :)

Sunday before church.  Love these three so much!!

I'll tell you...these two find each other in the night like magnets!  We put them in their own beds and yet, they end up together often.  I enjoyed the sweet moment...because I knew the minute they were up, it would be a lot of "Smith is touching me" and "Kensington keeps looking at me".  Siblings. 

Pool days are my favorite days!!  This just never gets old :).


Kensington was super pumped to receive this in the mail this week!  After your suggestions, we ended up donating Kensington's hair to Pantene.  She was beyond thrilled when they sent her a letter this week thanking her for the donation.  How cool is that?!  

Well...that's life lately.  I hope you have a great Thursday!!

If you're looking for something yummy and easy to make in the kitchen this weekend... Banana Cream Pie is a winner!  The crust is made of Nilla Wafers, so it basically tastes just like banana pudding.  So good!!

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