Friday, October 31, 2014

November Goals

Before we get to my November Goals (and my recap about October), I am beyond thrilled that today is Halloween!!

It's Friday, it's Halloween...really, it just doesn't get much better!  Kensington is so excited to head off to school today, Smith and I have some fun things to do until she gets home and then tonight, we will trick or treat until our feet give out (and then we'll eat a lot of candy!).  Happy Halloween to YOU! 

These were my October Goals...I really can't believe how quickly this month flew by!  This time of year just moves FAST for me!  October was a little unexpected...I went in for my annual skin check and then almost 5 weeks later, I'm still with stitches and recovering (I feel fine now but I'm just limited in my activity due to the number of stitches, length of incision and area which it's located).  I'm extremely thankful that I went for my annual exam and that my dermatologist was as proactive as she cancer and such is no joke friends!

1. Read 2 (or more) books
I actually read 5 books this month (thank you long carpool line and extra downtime due to minor procedure on back).  I recapped them all here.

2. Walk more
Hallelujah!  We finally have cooler weather here in North Texas!  Kensington and I have been walking to and from school at least 3 days a week and it's glorious!  I enjoy the weather, stretching my legs before beginning my day, and most importantly, I enjoy the time with her.

3. Enjoy pumpkin everything
If it's pumpkin, I've eaten it.  All of it.  Twice.

4. Finish up my Christmas shopping
Well, I'm not done but I'm really close!  I just need to grab a few more things for a few more people. I'm storing this stuff in the most random spots (and keeping a list so that I don't forget!).  Next up, wrapping it all...

5. Volunteer at Kensington's school once a week
I was able to do this three times this month and loved it every time.  I'm really enjoying getting to know the office staff and teachers.  I'm going to have kiddos at this school for the next decade, so I need to help out often!  I'm hoping to keep volunteering weekly for the rest of the year.

6. Finish Ashby's room
We are just about ready for our girl to come home!  Her room is ready, her closet is getting full and our hearts are about to explode with love...we just can't wait!

On to November...

Well, we'll see how this shakes out, right?  I love getting a jump start on all of this Christmas stuff in November, so that I'm not stressed in December.  As for the more sleep stuff (you guys know I don't sleep much!), I need to sleep a bit know, have my energy up for the holidays!

Happy Halloween friends!  May your day be filled with lots of love, laughter, silliness, tricks, treats and delights!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

#shayeveryday2014 Week 43

We're already on Week 43.  

Andrew and I were just talking last night about how quickly this fall is flying by.  It's just going by crazy, crazy, crazy fast!   We're trying to soak up every minute over here in the Shull house.  I'm especially soaking up my time with Smith (just like I did last year with Kensington) because next year, that sweet boy will be in kindergarten too (insert me sobbing here).  Sigh.  They grow up fast.

Watch out now...I have a lot of bonus pictures today :).

Day 295: Walking to school on this fine, crisp morning, we saw a hot air balloon and of course, she tried running for it.

Cutest thing ever walking to school with me!  
(And I use sponge rollers to get her hair curly.  Just the old fashioned kind that you sleep in!  I put them in when her hair is damp and they dry into cute curls over night.)

After I walked Kensington to school, Smith and I went to the grocery store...he "read" the Archie Comics while I checked out.  

Day 296: The after school aftermath.  Before everything gets hung all nice and neat on their backdoor hooks...I have to sort, purge, read, sign and repeat.  Coffee and candied almonds are required for the job.

After school on this day, we had to run by the grocery store to grab something for a friend...and they both wanted the little carts.  I only said "stop bumping your cart into your sister/brother" 7,639 times.

Day 297: It's Fri-day and we're in a candy store!!  Woohoo!

We have our little Friday night routine down (we call it Shull Family Fun Night!).  First, Mexican food, second, ice cream, third, play outside and fourth, get all cleaned up and in our pjs and then watch a movie on our bed.

Day 298: I spent my 33rd birthday with my three very favorite people.  To see all of my birthday pics, click here.

Day 299: We went with friends and visited a local retirement home.  The kids wore their Halloween costumes, passed out pictures they had colored for the occasion and sang them songs.  It was so, so, so sweet!

When we came home, the kids drew out their jack-o-lantern faces and Andrew carved them out...

...I love that Kensington wanted eyelashes and Smith didn't want a nose :).

Day 300: Kensington didn't have school on this Monday, so the kids and I had a really full day of fun including seeing The Book of Life in 3D!

Starting our day together...I love having Kensington home for special days like this!

Later that night, Smith begged Andrew to stay up late and watch the Cowboys play on Monday Night Football...and then this was him before the first quarter was even over.

Day 301: Smith saw Boxtrolls with my mom about three weeks ago and ever since, he's been waiting for me to receive a big box to use to make him a boxtroll...well, today was his lucky day!  He was so excited when this big box arrived!  I laughed because apparently in the movie, your name is whatever is on the box (like Eggs, Milk, etc)...well, Smith's name is Pottery Barn ;).

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And for supper tonight...

So simple and yummy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Book Review

This month, I read five very different books as part of my October Goals...each one very different from the last.

So many of my friends read Where'd You Go, Bernadette this summer and raved about it...that being said, I didn't so much enjoy it.  (Sorry friends!)  I thought it was kind of slow and even though I wanted to love the characters, I had a hard time.  That being said, I could name five friends off the top of my head that absolutely adored this book, so maybe you'll love it too???

I adored How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are!!  This book is most definitely not for everyone.  This book is for those who adore and obsess over the French, who love their culture, attitude, food and way of's totally fabulous if you totally love the French.

Erika gave me The Kitchen House because she love, love, loved it, but I was in the middle of reading one of the above books, so I let my mom borrow it first and she love, love, loved it too!  When I did read it, I realized what all of the fuss was about.  It's deep, it's thoughtful, it's educational, it's fascinating, it's really good.  If you want a book that tugs at you emotionally and is really thoughtful, this is the book for you.

This book can change your life.  Someone mentioned to me how much she liked The Power of a Woman's Words, so I ordered it, received it, read it and felt convicted by it.  This book is about how meaningful and powerful our words are to our children, husband, friends and people we know.  It's really, really, really good.  As women, what we say to each other and to the people we come into contact with has so much meaning and can weigh so heavily on them (it also reminds us that the words we say and write say everything about us...about the condition of our heart and not about the person we're speaking to)...this book is a game changer.

I loved The Best Yes!  As you know, I love to say this book was my love language.  The quotes inside are just perfection...the chapters spoke to my heart.  Moms especially, read this.  Read.  This.

There you have it!  I'm on book # 6 right now but won't be finished before the end of the month...come back in November to see what else I've been reading :).

One last (very random) note...I saw that these Sam Edelman moto boots were 50% off right now, so I ordered a brown pair.  I thought they were really different looking from all of the other booties and wedges I wear (plus, the reviews were fabulous!!).  If you're looking for a new boot at a huge discount, you can find them here (also in black and grey).

On the foodie blog today... Quick & Easy Halloween Desserts!
Simple little treats for your favorite little trick or treaters.
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